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Hon. Secretary, Tony Phillips writes.....

20th June, 2014....

Further to the very sad demise of former County President David Pickering it was pleasing and comforting to see the large number of people who attended both the church service at St Stephens in Slinfold and the subsequent cremation service at Worthing. It was clear the esteem and affection David was held in by so many of his friends and colleagues. Ronnie has been swamped by cards and letters since David's death and has found herself in an impossible position to adequately answer all of them individually. She has asked me through the medium of our website to pass her heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who wrote or telephoned to pass on their sympathies and condolences. It was a huge comfort to her and the members of David's family knowing so many cared and thought so highly of him and she hopes that everyone will understand that in this period of deep reflection it is an impossible task to put into words her sorrow and just how devastating David's sudden loss has impacted on herself, the children and grandchildren. She has been completely overwhelmed by the flood of compassion, concern and kind-heartedness she has received and hopes that this SCIBA webpage announcement will reach the many bowlers in particular who have been in touch with her to offer their support. She has been deeply moved and touched by the many responses she has received.

6th June, 2014.....

Competitions 2014/15 ..... entries are noticeably down on previous years and in an effort to promote more competitiveness the usual grouping (zoning) is being suspended for this season. It will mean a little more travelling for competitors and will dispense with them playing against the usual local opponents as is the norm!

In season 2015/16 the restriction of entries to club finalists is being lifted in the pairs and the triples championships and these will become open competitions alongside the fours and unbadged singles. For the time being the championship singles will be restricted to club finalists so as not to disturb the current National Champion of Champions event to which it leads.

It is hoped that in opening up the eligibility to these competitions it will attract significantly more interest from ALL club members and lift the currently flagging entry numbers.

23rd May, 2014....

In regard to David Pickering's funeral I have now heard back from the family with the undermentioned details. Bowlers attending may do so in greys if they wish. Not compulsory but felt to be 'appropriate' as after all most of us knew David through bowls.....

"We have organised David's funeral service on Friday 6th June at St Peters Church in our village of Slinfold, West Sussex at Midday (12.00) and afterwards a Service of Thanksgiving at Worthing Crematorium at 2:20pm followed by afternoon tea at Findon Manor.

You are most welcome to join us for all or some of the celebrations for David.

We request no flowers please and donations, if you wish, to Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis c/o James and Thomas Funeral Directors, 24 Station Parade, Ockham Road South, East Horsely, Surry ST24 6QN

Thank you for all your support.
Warm regards

St Peters Church,
The Street,
West Sussex
RH13 0RR

Worthing Crematoirum
Horsham Road (A24)
West Sussex
BN14 0RG

Findon Manor
High Street
West Sussex
BN14 0TA
Tel 01903 872733


21st May, 2014....

Sussex have been drawn against Middlesex in the 2014/15 Liberty Trophy National Inter-County competition. Sussex is at home and the match will be played at Adur Indoor Bowls Club on Saturday, 22nd November, 2014 commencing at 10.00am. All support/spectators welcome. Come along and cheer your County onto the second round. Not only do they appreciate the support but it actually helps them to play better!

15th May, 2014....

It is with great sadness I report the death of David Pickering (Horsham) who was taken into hospital in Hong Kong while visiting his daughter who is a resident. David was nothing if not a larger than life character and he brought a lot of fun and banter into the game of bowls. As the master of the "fast draw" he maintained the fun factor not only for his own rink but for everyone else's too! David was of course a former SCIBA President and prior to that the SCIBA Assistant Secretary. Currently he served Horsham as their County Selector and Executive Delegate. David will be tremendously missed by all who knew him and we can only pass on our deepest sympathies and condolences to Ronnie his wife and to his entire family. It will be a hard blow for them and our thoughts and prayers are with them at this very sad time. I have no idea of funeral arrangements but as soon as I am privy to them I shall put them up on this page and circulate the various individuals who need to know so they in turn can spread the word. I am assuming that David's funeral will be in this country but obviously will have to await directions from Ronnie as to the arrangements.

1st May, 2014......

Apologies all round for not getting the Finals results up with photos on the competition pages. This is because our WebMaster has been extremely poorly and is still recovering. As soon as he is well enough the matter will be rectified...

15th April, 2014......

Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association Executive Officers wish all Members a Happy and Peaceful Easter. Many of you will be going outdoors after the holiday so we wish you every success in your competitions and endeavours and trust the weather will treat you kindly through to September when you return indoors once again. As something of a good news story to end the season on Worthing IBC recently helped one of their Members to celebrate his 99th Birthday. Ted King has been a member of the club for 24 years and we are looking forward to helping him mark his 100th Birthday and his 25th (Silver Anniversary) year as a Worthing bowler next year. Dave Robinson, Worthing's Press Representative had this to say........

"Worthing's oldest bowler, Ted King celebrated his 99th birthday on Monday (April 7th) Ted still plays bowls competitively several times a week, and is regularly selected to play in matches against other clubs. He was part of the winning Worthing team against West Tarring bowls club the last time that he played, and is living proof that playing bowls plays a part in keeping people fit and active. Ted has been an active sportsman all his life, having played football for Wolves as a junior in his younger days, and believes that he could have played as a professional, but there was little money in the game in those days, and he was told by his father that he must find a "proper job" He played active tennis until he was 75 years old, at which point he decided to try his hand at bowls, and has continued to enjoy the sport for the past 24 years as a member of Worthing Indoor bowls club."

Worthing & Ted

Dave & Ted

So theres's hope for us all if we just keep on bowling! 

Well done Ted. You are in the vanguard of longevity....

We're all right behind you.....I hope!

13th April.....

The County Finals took place at Eastbourne District IBC (many thanks to them for the use of their facilities) today with some excellent bowling on show for the packed spectator gallery to witness. I won't pick out any competitor above another for comparison but it was an unusual occurence to have the County Fours Championship contested by two teams each of which had a Father & Son pairing in their make up! Egerton Park had Rob Morphett with his son Ajay and their opposition from Adur had Terry Honnor alongside his son Ian! I think this was a Sussex first, at least in my memory! Add to that the appearance of Father & Son duo Colin & Kevin Carrie in the Pairs and you could be forgiven for thinking you'd stumbled onto the set of "Family Fortunes!"

Nevertheless, it is bowls that comes out the winner in spite of the actual result as with Ajay we saw a young man 12 years of age receive his County Badge (the youngest we have on record) and later on in the day we saw another Egerton Park prodigy, Callum Phillimore at 15 years old appear in the Unbadged Singles Championship! It was extremely satisfying to see these two young men reaching the SCIBA finals.... very much driving a coach and horses through the myth that bowls is the preserve of the old! Well done to both lads and I suspect we will see much more of them and other youngsters carving out a bowls niche for themselves in the future! Anyway to the results of the day...

SCIBA Singles Champion 2014 was Martin Heitzman (Falaise) winning 21 - 8 against Bill Murphy (Worthing Pavilion).

SCIBA Under 25 Singles Champion 2014 was Martin Heitzman (Falaise) coming through 21 - 2 against Seb Morley (Egerton Park).

SCIBA Unbadged Singles Champion 2014 was Keith Faber (The Grattons) who won 21 - 10 against Callum Phillimore (Egerton Park)

SCIBA Championship Pairs was won by David Cornwell & Ian Honner (Adur) who won 18 - 17 against Colin & Kevin Carrie (Egerton Park).

SCIBA Championship Triples won by Mick Grimes, Ken Taber & Steve Jeapes (Falaise) 20 - 3 against Dave Cornwell, Jack Fairhall & John Godfrey (Adur).

SCIBA Championship Fours went to Phil Wade, Ajay Morphett, Rob Morphett & Stephen Bain (Egerton Park) 22 - 15 against Terry Honnor, Martin Leach, Ollie Ovett & Ian Honnor (Adur)


Many congratulations to all our winners. Commiserations to the losing finalists but you live to fight another day and next season's competitions are just around the corner. The SCIBA Executive look forward to seeing you in the finals once again and thank you for making the 2014 Sussex County IBA Championship Finals a very successful and entertaining occasion.

Photographs of the 2014 winners will be published in the County Yearbook which is going to be digitised next season and available exclusively on the SCIBA website. If you can't wait for that I hope to include them in the competition pages of the website as soon as our official photographer Ralph Davies (Eastbourne) let's me have them.....

In addition to the playing results yours truly was exceptionally happy to be presented with The 2014 SCIBA Martlet Award in recognition of an Outstanding Contribution to Bowls, capping off as it does this year's award of Honorary Life Membership of Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association in recognition of my continued services to SCIBA. I am exceedingly proud to have been considered for both these awards, more so that they should have been bestowed in the same year. I look forward to continuing to provide my best service to Sussex Bowls in the future. Thank you all very much indeed for these honours neither of which could have been achieved without the help of my fellow County Officers who form the team that takes care of SCIBA interests across the board and to whom I give my sincerest thanks.  

13th April.....

Disappointed as I'm sure all of us are to hear that David Hubbard (Adur) lost 21 - 18 to Jamie Walker (Wellingborough) in the National Singles Final this morning. It was a very tight game especially over the last seven or eight ends and with only the updated scoreline for us all to follow we had to try and imagine how tense the match must have been. Nothing I can say on here is any consololation for David but for what's it's worth he is one of our greatest bowls competitors and I have absolutely no doubt that he will be making many more appearances in the EIBA National Championships Finals in future years. I hope all of you will continue to support this fantastic young bowler who has many more highs to hit in times yet to come.

12th April, 2014....

Congratulations to David Hubbard (Adur) for making the FINAL of the National Singles today. I'm confident he will go onto win the Championship for the second time in his bowls career. Quite an achievement in anyone's book I'm sure you'll agree! I'll report further progress later on. GOOD JOB DAVID.

10th April, 2014

Friends of Jim Petitt will wish to know that his wife Freda has recently died. We send Jim our deepest condolences for his loss. As those not in the know Jim and Freda were the most devoted couple you could possibly expect to meet. Jim and Freda will be in our thoughts and prayers. The funeral is on Tuesday, 22nd April, 2014 at 3.00pm at Worthing Crematorium, Horsham Road, Findon, West Sussex. BN14 0RQ. Telephone: 01903 872678 Email: Web:




View or download a PDF of the SCIBA FINALS PROGRAMME 2014


9th March, 2014 .........

Some of you may have heard that Sussex have pulled out of the Home Counties League match against Surrey on Sunday, 16th March, 2014. The reasons are that we have been unable to put together a suitably competitive team for a match of this quality. A number of Sussex clubs have county league fixtures where the points difference is close and the players used for the HCL wish to support their individual clubs and have made themselves unavailable for HCL selection. As many of those were Liberty players we were only able to field one Liberty player instead of the usual twelve! The County Team Manager and myself have multiple drop outs (12-16) and were left with only being able to field a handful of those considered of adequate quality supported by players who under normal circumstances would not have been selected for HCL. The Home Counties League was started with one aim.... to "blood" potential Liberty Trophy standard players and to play them in an ultra competitive match alongside our existing crop of Liberty selectees. As we were not in a position to field our best or at least a better team the decison was taken by the County Executive to concede the match. It has to be added that Sussex only play two matches in the league. Our first match earlier in the year was against Kent and we were slaughtered by 68 shots leaving us some 50+ points behind the leaders (Kent). The final game against Surrey we would have to garner maximum points if we were to have a chance of finishing second out of the three counties. The view was taken that we were in a lose/lose situation and as the scale of drop outs increased and the supply of suitable players to replace them went in the other direction we decided to concede the game to Surrey because we had exhausted our stock. Another point worth mention is the cost SCIBA has to bear for one of these matches and it wasn't thought to be in the best interests of the ordinary membership to spend their money on, potentially, a lost cause. Sussex will pursue a change in the format of the HCL and canvas for a single league where at least one can play for position against the other six counties. I know many of you will disagree with our decision but at SCIBA the Executive has to take the interests of the whole county into account not simply one or two parts of it! We are as disappointed as you but at the end of the day we are elected by you to take the hard decisions when necessary. Those players in the original selection of the Team Manager should not feel they are being disparaged in any way whatsoever because that is just not the case. There was a much bigger picture to consider in the circumstances we found ourselves.

9th March, 2014....

Well it was a close run thing... the Liberty Trophy Semi-Final match yesterday against Kent County IBA. We nearly did it but lost overall by 12 shots to one of the strongest teams any of the counties let alone Kent could have mustered.

The final scoreline once again for those masochists amongst you was Sussex 112 Kent 124.

International players like Andy Thompson were drafted into a very strong line up against us but it went down to the wire with Kent just edging us out over the course of the match...always ahead by that 6 or 8 shots and with the Sussex bowlers never quite reaching parity. However, it took a very strong team to beat us this year and Kent didn't leave anything to chance paying Sussex huge respect and not taking anything for granted. It's as well they did as the scoreline shows...... had they failed to play their strongest bowlers Sussex would have had 'em! In any event it was not to be on this occasion but a fantastic showing by the sea-siders putting on a run that showed all the other counties Sussex were back to their best and next year I think those counties coming up against us won't take chances with their player selection if they are drawn against Sussex! I would like to congratulate every Sussex player for a very fine performance yesterday and throughout the 2014 Liberty Trophy run. You were value for money and restored a great deal of pride in Sussex colours. This was a young team by comparison to former squads over the past decade and to a man all of then gave their best in each of the rounds and absolutely no doubt deserved on their own merit to be in the semi-final of the competition. In fact truth be known, they were easily good enough for the final and perhaps with a couple more rubs of the green would be looking at a visit to the big day ! At least we can say that one South East County will be in the final and our best wishes go out to "the old enemy" Kent for their success. We hope they will bring the Liberty Trophy back to South East England and everyone in Sussex wish them heaps of good luck in their endeavours. If they do they will only be keeping it warm for Sussex next season!

Our thanks go to Kent CIBA for looking after us yesterday and to Mote Park Indoor Bowls Club for their terrific hospitality and warm welcome. Sussex were treated royally and are very grateful to Mote Park IBC for all their hard work and preparation for this match. Thanks also to the Sussex Team Manager, Don Kent in his first season in that role, to Martin Heitzman who with Don contributed so much effort into selecting a winning team. Those who advised the Selectors along the way are also recognised for their interest in helping Sussex come good in the Liberty Trophy 2014! Many thanks to all the County Officers who contributed throughout the course of this year's Liberty run and work so very hard behind the scenes to smooth the progress of the team. Finally and by no means least the ordinary SCIBA Member who supports the team and part of whose affiliation fee goes toward financing the Sussex Liberty Team. The team could not have achieved such a high standing without your contribution. In some way every affiliated SCIBA Member is backing the Liberty Trophy Team making it a true Sussex indoor bowlers objective.

If we just go that one better next year we will win the Liberty and bring it back to Sussex. It has been far too long since it graced the trophy cabinet at the Eastbourne HQ of Sussex County IBA. Once again well done to everyone involved. See you all next year..."bring it on!'

6th March, 2014




3rd March, 2014

As some of you may know Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club is seriously threatened with closure and no viable replacement built. Horsham has asked for our help in writing to the local authority to voice our concerns that the club may be lost to not only it's membership but to Sussex County.

Bowls is under serious attack and we must fight if we are to maintain our sport in Sussex and keep it from becoming further diminished in England. The following is the text of an email I've circulated to all indoor Sussex club. I have asked them to help Horsham by writing to Horsham District Council to voice their concerns. It would be of great additional help if individual bowlers in Sussex just took a little time out to write or email their disquiet to the Horsham District local authority. The email addresses of the relevant Councillors are:,,, Every letter they receive counts towards the objections laid before the Council and will show the level of concern in the Sussex bowls community. I urge you to support this protest. It could be your own bowls club next! Thank you on behalf of Horsham membership and the Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association.

"FAO: Club Secretaries

As many of you may know Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club is under immediate threat from Horsham District Council which appear intent on driving bowls off the existing site of a new leisure centre being planned on the spot now occupied by the present club. There have been ongoing negotiations for some time in respect of a replacement club for the land which has been earmarked for further Tesco development but the situation has been suddenly ramped up and Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club in effect been presented with an ultimatum. It would seem the writing is firmly on the wall to bulldoze not only the current club but also any realistic replacement that would allow the existing membership a new facility to continue playing indoor bowls at the same level as previously.

As you can see from John Coghlan’s email to me he is seeking help from all of us to put the concerns of the Sussex  Indoor Bowls Clubs’ in writing to the Chief Executive Officer of Horham District Council as soon as possible.
Can I ask you to please take the time out of your busy schedules to write a letter of support for the Horsham bowlers and for the provision of a minimum 6 rink indoor bowls club to replace the demolished one…..set it seems for the second half of 2015. The loss of the Horsham club would be a significant blow to indoor bowls in Sussex not only for the membership of the Horsham club but for the rest of the clubs in Sussex as well.

I have already written twice to the Horsham District Council in support of a replacement club suitable for playing bowls and with facilities in common with the other indoor Sussex clubs and indeed all indoor bowls clubs in England. A letter of support from all of us for the bowlers and the provision of a new club will go some way to helping the cause and I hope that you will follow through on the request. Bowls is under attack at present but if the sport is to survive for future generations then we must stand up for ourselves and where possible provide support for our friends.

All I can do is ask for your assistance but please remember other clubs may be threatened in the future and we must be seen to stand up and be counted whenever such a hostile attempt to diminish our sport is made particularly within our own county of Sussex.

I thank you in anticipation and I’m certain all at Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club will be grateful for your support. It would help to spread the word and encourage individual members to write to Horsham District Council as well. All hands to the pump at this desperate time……. please don’t let this redevelopment happen without a replacement Horsham District indoor bowls club being provided first!

The address for your letters is: -

Mr. Tom Crowley,
Chief Executive Officer,
Horsham District Council,
Park North,
North Street,
RH12 1RL

If possible also circulate your letter (same address) to the Leader of the Council, Cllr. Ray Dawe; Cllr. Jonathan Chowen, Cabinet Member for Leisure and finally Cllr. Sue Rogers Cabinet Member for A Healthier District… this last one because of the impact the loss of the indoor club will have on the health and well being of it’s members who will have limited options when it comes to continuing with their chosen sport elsewhere in the locality. So much for the legacy of the 2012 Olympics to build from that experience and engage more people in sport in the interests of their mental welfare and physical well being!

It’s not unreasonable in my view for whatever plans are intended for the site to include a replacement purpose built indoor bowls club for the existing membership and new members moving into the area. If indeed Tesco Ltd is the beneficiary of the current site it must be within their gift to finance a replacement club and for the local authority to provide a nearby site for that purpose. This is something that needs to be actioned before the old club is demolished so the membership has their replacement club ready to move straight into as otherwise I foresee significant loss to Club, County and Horsham District in terms of continued sporting opportunity for its’ residents. It would be a disgrace for Horsham District Council to ignore the bowlers and blindly go ahead with their leisure complex plan."

1st March, 2014

Sussex County IBA play the Semi-Final of The Liberty Trophy on Saturday, 8th March, 2014 at 10.00am at Mote Park Indoor Bowls Club, Willow Way, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 7RN (Tel: 01622 691124). We have progressed to this stage for the first time in over ten years. We have a exellent set of players who are highly motivated to win. A result for Sussex on the 8th March would propel them into the Liberty Trophy Final played later in the National Finals at Nottingham playing either Cambridgeshire or Nottinghamshire.

Come along and support Sussex on the 8th March. The more the merrier and make some noise to encourage our lads along. It's a tough draw against Kent and they will have all their big guns out looking to sink us early into the match. It's really important we get off to a good start and maintain good form right the way taking our foot of the throttle in the final few ends either but keeping up the momentum until we cross the finish line! Your individual support can do a lot to sustain the players. I appreciate it's a bit of a trip for early on a Saturday morning but I promise you will see a top class bowls match and be part of a very special occasion. I've added the route details for those attending... COME ON SUSSEX !

Local Directions

From the M20 follow the A249 link road towards Maidstone.

At the first roundabout, Notcutts is on the left, take the 1st exit towards Bearsted

At the next roundabout take the 2nd exit into New Cut Road

After about 300 yds, at the next roundabout take the 2nd exit and continue forward

At the next mini roundabout take the 1st exit and continue along New Cut Road to the junction with Ashford Road traffic lights.

Turn right at the traffic lights towards Maidstone and continue along Ashford Road, past Turkey Mill (on the left) and under the railway bridge

At the next set of traffic lights, turn left into Square Hill (steep hill with block of flats on left)

At the top of Square Hill, take the 1st exit at the mini roundabout into Mote Avenue

Continue along Mote Avenue and at the sharp right hand bend do not enter the gates into Mote Park but continue on Mote Avenue to the next mini roundabout.

Continue straight on and immediately at the 2nd mini roundabout turn left into the entrance to the Leisure Centre.

Mote Park Indoor Bowls Club is situated to the right of the Leisure Centre with its own private car park


1st February, 2014 - 

Sussex men have beaten Somerset in the 3rd Round (Quarter-Final) of National Inter - County Liberty Trophy with a convincing win. Somerset conceded the match at the 18th end with Sussex 30 shots to the good. Final Score - Sussex 118 - Somerset 88 - There were solid performances from all the players and although we had two rinks behind at the concession they nevertheless played a critical part in keeping their losing scores down thus enabling the other four winning rinks to amass a winning aggregate total. This was very much a "team" performance and speaking to some of the losing Somerset players after the game they were impressed with the manner by which Sussex played as a tight single unit with all the players striving to maintain the overall score rather than impress with individual performances. Not to say there were not several inspiring individual efforts but here was a Sussex team intent on proving they can function as a squad of players each component of which contributing to the whole and I have to say that is exactly what they did coming away with a well earned reward which catapults them (Sussex) into the Liberty Trophy Semi-Final against the old enemy Kent County IBA who beat Devon by I'm told around a dozen shots. So well done Kent. We will see you on Saturday 8th March. A contest for the neutral supporter to savour!!   "Come on Sussex by the Sea" Melton District IBC for the Liberty Trophy Final on 13th April, 2014. One big push needed to get us there! We can do it.

27th January, 2014 -

Congratulations to all the young bowlers of SCIBA and SCB who competed in the Junior Section of the EBYDS School of Excellence finals on Sunday 26th January at Horsham Indoor Club. Ajay Morphett laid claim once again to the title winning both the singles and the individual skills sessions. Well done again Ajay and of course both he and the runner up on the day, James Brennan, get automatic qualification to the regional finals. We wish them well in those. A full report and photographs are on the School of Excellence page of this website so hit the link and read the full report sent in by Peter Blanks and Wendy Frizzelle who administer the S of E in Sussex. Its the Seniors challenge on Sunday 9th February at Horsham. All are welcome to spectate at no charge. The facilities of Horsham District Bowls Clubs will be at your disposal throughout the day. Good luck to all the competitors. Play commences at 10.00am.

Sussex are through to the third round of The Liberty Trophy for the first time in over 10 years. Our next hurdle is Somerset who have won the Liberty twice and been runner up four times in their history. They will be tough opposition without a doubt but the momentum is firmly with Sussex at the moment and we have every chance of pulling off a significant victory. The match is on Saturday, 1st February, 2014 at 10.00am at Loddon Vale Indoor Bowls Club which is part of the Basingstoke Leisure Complex. For those of you who are web savvy the address is and details of address and how to get there are listed. The address for others is Basingstoke Leisure Park, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG22 6PG (Tel: 01256 356507). Come along and give your support as a lot of you did at Adur last Saturday. It really helped to gee the players up and encouraged them to keep the match from Berkshire. THE LIBERTY TROPHY IS ENGLAND INDOOR BOWL'S TOP CHAMPIONSHIP. IT DOESN'T COME ANY BETTER. SUSSEX NEED YOUR SUPPORT. COME ALONG AND CHEER YOUR PLAYERS TO A WIN. THEY NEED ALL THE HELP THEY CAN GET. YOUR SUPPORT COULD BE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WINNING AND COMING SECOND SO TAKE THE DAY OFF AND COME AND WATCH SOME TOP CLASS BOWLS ACTION AND CHEER YOUR COUNTY ONTO THE NEXT STAGE OF THE COMPETITION......

11th Januray, 2014 -

It's a big well done to Sussex who overcame a strong Berkshire side to progress to the third round of the Liberty Trophy. Some fantastic bowling, determination and resilience paid off with a 122 - 111 shot triumph. It always looked as though Sussex were ever so slightly on top throughout the match, nevertheless, when the final few ends arrived it became nail biting action all the way to the tape. Tremendous result but we await confirmation of who we play next. Sussex will play away to Somerset or Wiltshire and if I had to bet on which I'd say Somerset were the most likely but I'll confirm just as soon as the EIBA update their website information! Once again well done to the players. You were all great...


5th January, 2014 -

It's necessary to clear up an anomaly on the County Fours Draw page (p.17) of the SCIBA Yearbook. Due to a printing error the lines and spacing appear ambiguous to the reader. Any competition draw should be read from the bottom up (sorry if I'm teaching some of you to suck eggs!) and not from the top down or by way of interpreting where the printed lines are. If you read the draw sheet from the bottom up it will verify who you are playing. Confirmation of all draws can be authenticated by checking the Competition pages of this website. As there have now been a couple of team leaders querying this with me I am prepared to relax the fourteen (14) day Challenger proviso (Rule 4d, p. 72) by seven (7) days thereby allowing Challengers an extra week in which to get their dates submitted to their opponents to complete ROUND (1) of this competition.... thus, two dates one of which must be a weekend must be provided to your opponent no later than 12th January, 2014. In addition I shall circulate this message to the Club Secretaries to display on noticeboards.

21st December, 2013 -

President Allan Hilton and Vice President Gordon Leaman, The SCIBA Executive Committee, Delegates, General Purposes Committee and Selectors wish all Members a Happy & Peaceful Christmas & A Healthy & Successful 2014 and thank all of you for your support during the past year. We look forward to serving you and Sussex County bowls even better next year.

17th December, 2013 -

The Worthing Open Fours and Triples entry closing dates are end of the year. These are two very well organised Open Competitions and I can recommend you playing in them. So gather a team around you and send the appropriate entry form to Worthing IBC. 








16th December, 2013 -

Congratulations to Worthing Pavilion BC who yesterday won the Llew Knight Annual Patrons Challenge Cup holding of Falaise in the final. The event was generously sponsored by Egerton Park IBC for which many thanks. The team has told me that Egerton Park looked after everyone very well particularly in the "eats" department so thank you to the Caterers for once again doing all the players and officials proud. Thanks also to Harry Payne who undertook to manage the day in the absence of our Competition Secretary who as you know resigned earlier this year. Thank you Harry and Harry's wife Janet who accompanied him. President Allan Hilton spent the day at Egerton Park and also assisted so a great team effort all round!

6th December, 2013 -

Brian Howson's funeral will be on Thursday, 12th December, at 10.30 a.m. in St. Richards Chapel, Sussex & Surrey Crematorium, Balcombe Road, Crawley, RH10 3NQ.

Flowers or donations if desired for St. Peters and St. James Hospice c/o R. A. Brooks & Son, 35 Wivelsfield Road, Haywards Heath RH16 4EN  Tel. 01444 454391.

Would bowlers please attend in greys with either club or county blazer and the appropriate county or club tie.

All inquiries to me please on 01903 248049 or by email to 

30th November, 2013 -

I'm sorry to have to report that Brian Howson long time Club Secretary at Wealden Bowls Centre passed away yesterday morning. He was a very well known and respected member of our bowls community in Sussex and will be greatly missed. Our condolences and thoughts are with his wife Joan and Brian's family. I have no details just yet regarding the funeral but as soon as I do I'll publish them on the website and circulate the clubs. 

Hon. Secretary, Tony Phillips writes.....

23rd November, 2013 - 

Congratulations to all the Sussex bowlers who played in Round (1) of the Liberty Trophy against last years' finalists Essex at The Adur Indoor Bowls Club this morning. Sussex beat Essex 120 shots to 99. A truly outstanding performance from all of them without exception. They played magnificently and thoroughly deserved their victory against a typically strong Essex team. This year saw a return to a Team Manager selection process which allowed for Sussex to restore the default position for some of our top players who for one reason or another had withdrawn their support in recent years. The new Team Manager, Don Kent was able to start with a clean canvas and the top players returned to contribute their support. The result was a re-born Liberty Trophy side that throughout the match showed spirit and determination, were motivated to win and as one player commented looked like a "team" a opposed to simply a "side!" That team spirit shone through and it was a joy to watch the game being played at such a high level. Some of the bowling was simply magical and you had to be there to see it! It would be wrong to pick out individuals for comment as all the players performed so well but there were several individual contributions of note with one of the Sussex rinks taking a SEVEN (7) shot haul on one end at a very critical time in the match!'s Berkshire (who beat Surrey) next and Sussex are at home once again. Unconfirmed at present but we hope to be able to retain Adur IBC as the venue which will be good news for the players who like the club for big matches. Thank you to the Officers, Caterers and Members of Adur for their support throughout the day. See you all again on the 11th January, 2014.

15th November, 2013 -

Further to the previous entry I have now spoken directly with Michael Alderson, Ken's Son. After the funeral mourners are welcome back to The Grattons Indoor Bowls Club for refreshment. Flowers or Donations for The British Heart Foundation should in the first instance be sent through Alex Jones Funeral Directors, 1, East Grinstead Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6EP Tel: 01342 832534 or email:

15th November, 2013 - 

Ken Alderson's funeral is on Friday, 29th November, 2013 at 10.30am at The Surrey & Sussex Crematorium, Balcombe Road, Crawley. RH10 3NQ. I've not been advised by the family as to floral tributes or donations to a specific charity at this stage. Would Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association members please attend in Greys & SCIBA tie.

11th November, 2013 -

I have today accepted the resignation of the County Competition Secretary, Peter Scarsdale who has not enjoyed recent good health. Our thanks and best wishes for a speedy recovery go with him. For the time being I shall be dealing with competition matters, draws and results so please ensure you send them through me Tel: 01903 248049; email: or by text to 07775 668118.

10th November, 2013 - 

It's my sad duty to inform you that Ken Alderson of The Grattons IBC a SCIBA Life Member and until very recently the SCIBA County Treasurer has died in hospital where he was rccovering from a fall. Our deepest condolences and thoughts are with his wife Margaret, Son Michael and Daughter in Law Caroline. As soon as I have details of the funeral arrangements I shall post them on this page.

31st October 2013 - 

Congratulations to Ajay Morphett (Egerton Park) who won the "Overall Skills" Junior Class at the National Finals of the English Bowls Youth Development Scheme, (School of Excellence). Sussex put in a strong performance across the board which augers well for the future of these young players and for the competitiveness of our county. A full report from Peter Blanks the S of E Administrator with photographs can be found on the Under 18 page of the website. Well done to everyone who contributed.

21st October, 2013 -

Congratulations to the County Four of John Godfrey, Phil hillsden, David Cornwell and Marc Duson who yesterday ran out winners of the Home Counties Indoor Bowls Association Finals in the Fours, which for the uninitiated is an Inter - Home Counties Champion of Champions competiton of the Home Counties Singles, Pairs, Triples & Fours Championship winners. Well done to all Sussex players who competed... Matt Ives in the Singles, Kevin & Colin Carrie in the pairs (only lost in the final), David Richardson, Adam Harding & Ted Ockenden in the Triples. The finals were staged at Glebelands IBC in North London and not the easiest of venues to travel to so well done simply getting there! The HCIBA finals had to be restricted to time limited matches due to there being only a single day allotted to play from quarter-final onwards. The HCIBA has apologised for the format and assured the counties that it won't happen like that again. So it was not everything that was expected and I thank all the Sussex players for their tolerance and forbearance during a difficult day. Particular thanks in that department go to Kevin & Colin Carrie who had to wait almost 6 hours to play their final of the pairs because one of the counties pulled out of the competition at the 11th hour! 

21st October, 2013 -

The Sussex Under 25's played the first round of the Inter-County National Double Rink yesterday (Sunday 20/10/13) and lost to Hampshire. The home rink despite a spirited effort lost to the Hants lads. The away rink managed to fight their way through to a victory but with our players going down at Arun.. Sussex had to concede defeat. However, I heard good things back from the Officers of the Day and it is encouraging to know that progress is being made by the Sussex youth players at that level. Thank you all for playing and supporting your county on the National stage. Don Kent the SCIBA Team Manager has compiled a summary of the match and it is published on the Under 25 page of this website so pop along and take a look....

20th October, 2013 -

For player's information the County Club Match against Falaise on Sunday, 3rd November, 2013 has been cancelled owing to the fact that SCIBA cannot raise a full side. Amazing I know but another marker of the problems we face across the county securing teams to bowls. This is your sport and you have to support it by putting your names down to play or we will continue to lose matches from the fixture schedule. It's a slippery slope my friends!

10th October, 2013 -

I am pleased to announce the appointment elect of the new SCIBA Under 25 Manager. He is Duncan Lambert (Worthing Pavilion) and he is well qualified in the management and advancement of young people having had extensive experience in the Scout movement and with St. John Ambulance in Sussex. He is tremendously interested in helping to rebuild the Under 25 indoor bowls section and I believe he will bring immense enthusiasm and commitment to the role. There will be more to say about Duncan as we go on but it was important to let you all know of his appointment before it slipped out on the gossip grapevine! I think SCIBA are lucky to have attracted such a talented individual and I'm sure we will all give him as much help as possible. Keep a look out on the Under 25 page of the website for an introductory comment or two from Duncan and for more information on how this new appointment will make a real difference to our young bowlers. It is expected that Duncan's appointment wll be confirmed at the SCIBA Executive meeting on 11th November, 2013.....

7th October, 2013 -

A little sad news reached me over the week-end and that was the death of our good friend Gordon Cummings who played out of The Adur IBC. Our sympathies are with his family at this difficult time. My information is that the funeral will take place on Monday 14th October, 2013 at St. Peter's Church, Holmes Avenue Hove, East Sussex BN3 7LA commencing at at 2.00pm. Gordon was a popular figure on the local bowls scene and will be greatly missed by all his friends and colleagues.

6th October, 2013 -

Congratulations to Sussex who beat Kent in our opening badge match of the season. The score was Sussex 112 Kent 104. Well done to all who were involved. This was our first inter-county match in The Surrey Cup competition so Sussex off to a flying start. As usual The Adur did us proud and special mention to Sally and her crew in the kitchen whom despite having an extra 10 visitors (unannounced by Kent) managed not to lose her cool and served up a truly scrumptious meal to everyone for the post match event. Thank you Sally and the girls in the kitchen. I hear tell the Sussex County President gave you all an extra round of praise during his after dinner speech...... wow! Thank you once again to all at The Adur.

1st September, 2013 -

I'm pleased to be able to confirm that John Long (Bunny to his friends) of Egerton Park has volunteered his services to fill the vacancy for a East Area member on the General Purposes Committee. Thank you Bunny.... we look forward to you working with us to promote and improve the Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association.

29th July, 2013 -

SCIBA Celebrates it's 50th Anniversary in season 2013/14. The Association was founded on the 5th November, 1963. The founder Chairman was one W. A. Edwards who held office until 1965. From 1966 the position of President replaced that of Chairman of the Association. The first SCIBA Secretary was a direct Club descendant of yours truly, he being Worthing Member, Mr. C. J. Uncles. In the history of the Association I am only the 11th individual to hold that Honorary office and the third Secretary coming from the Worthing IBC membership in that time.

Worthing has held the Presidency of the Association only once..... in season 1991-1992 when the late Doug Sherlock (a disabled bowler with one arm) held office. Last years' President Ian Blackmore became only the 2nd disabled bowler to hold the SCIBA Presidency. It's a lasting tribute to Sussex that the county has never discriminated against any individual seeking Sussex County IBA office.

Congratulations to the Association and every individual contribution that has gone to making the Association such a useful organisation. A number of special commemorative matches have been arranged and lapel badges, bowls stickers and special pennants purchased to further mark the achievement. The Association could not have prospered and grown without the help of you... the affiliated membership and I'm pretty certain that the next 50 years will be fully supported by all the Sussex Indoor bowlers.

Good luck to our new President, Allan Hilton (The Grattons) who stepped in a short notice to fill the gap left by Glynn Burton (Eastbourne) who you will recall had to step down due to ill health. We wish Glynn a swift return to the green where he is greatly missed. Allan has promised to fulfill his presidency reflecting Glynn's forced absence and in that respect the county finals will be held next year at Eastbourne IBC and not The Grattons IBC.

This season sees the fledgling SCIBA Benevolent Fund launched in recognition of our 50th Anniversary achievement and a collection was started at the first Executive match of the season on the 18th July at St. Francis BC where the SCB overcame the SCIBA contingent to record a rare win in this fixture! Next time we will have to load our rinks!! Well done SCB. I hope that you will all contribute generously throughout the coming season (as you do every time) to the new Benevolent Fund to which the President's Charity is directed this year secure in the knowledge that monies will be used in the way of grants to distressed and needy indoor Sussex bowlers and their families who have fallen on difficult times. Future grants will be decided upon by a Board of Trustees comprised initially of myself, President Allan Hilton, County Treasurer Jim Davis and Match Secretary, Lew Mocket. A separate account has been opened specifically for the purpose and will be overseen by the Trustees. Looking forward on the funding front it is proposed that a single match be arranged each season with all the proceeds from the day going to the SCIBA Benevolent Fund. There will be more on this as the Benevolent Fund finds its' feet. Individual donations are also welcomed and should any of you wish to make such a contribution please contact a Member of the Board of Trustees for advice.

Now.. onto urgent matters that need the immediate help of the memberhip. We need to fill the following vacant positions as soon as possible and I ask that you all consider if you can give up a little of your own time to help Sussex County IBA and in doing so assist the Association and more directly your fellow bowlers and friends within Sussex indoor bowls. No organisation can run without a few volunteers giving up some of their own time to help it out and if you feel you could make a contribution in any of these areas please get in touch with me.....

Deputy Vice President: with a view to becoming SCIBA President in season 2015/16. Initially understudying Gordon Leaman (Arun) the Vice President and then being his Vice President when he succeeds to President of the County as you will the following year. This is a great opportunity to make a significant contribution to Sussex Indoor Bowls. In the first year the only extra responsibility is an oversight of the Under 25's. The DVP can expect at the end of his Presidential run to be awarded Life Membership of SCIBA. It is a personal honour to represent your county as President and will significantly raise the profile of the holders' own bowls club. If you are interested please contact the Hon. SCIBA Secretary.

Under 25 Manager: solely responsible for promoting, developing and managing the Sussex County IBA Under 25 Section. Selecting for National and County team competitions; Liaison with the County Executive, Maintaining an up to date register of players; Attending competition matches; Linking with the parents or guardians of the Under 18 players; sustaining inter-county good relations at U25 level; Ensuring D & BS checks are made and kept updated and generally looking after the on and off green welfare of Sussex Indoor BA young bowlers. The position is high profile and a very responsible one reporting directly to the County Executive and implementing agreed changes as the County Executive ratifies. Our young players are the future of indoor bowls.......Please contact the Hon. County Secretary if you would like to know more.

General Purposes Committee: TWO (2) positions on the GPC are vacant. One in the Central Area and one in the East Area. SCIBA seeks one member from each Area. The club breakdown of each Area is shown in the County Yearbook (p.77). The General Purposes Committee is tasked with looking at proposals made by the Executive and studying whether they can be properly and efficiently implemented to the benefit of the county membership. The Committee makes recommendations to the County Executive on such matters. In this regard they are seen as a "working" sub committee of the Executive. As from last season the GPC also makes recommendations on financial changes for the following season advising on affiliation fees, Annual Patron subscriptions, county tariffs, honoraria, out of pocket expenses, mileage and match subsidies etc. GPC Members normally attend three (3) pre-arranged meetings per season. Sitting as a Committee Member of the GPC provides an individual with the fundamental opportunity to steer radical as well as procedural changes through the County Association's annual business and as such is an important element of ensuring that the Membership of the County has a direct influence on how the County Executive operates.

Accounts Examiner: SCIBA seek to appoint an Examiner of Accounts who can audit our accounts at the end of the financial year and provide a Statement for the Membership at the Annual General Meeting. The present two Examiners, David Mahoney & Bill Simmonds both of Worthing Pavilion BC have been our Examiners for many years and have taken well earned retirement from the role. They go with our very best wishes and gratitude for their unrivaled service to SCIBA but it now presents us with the need to find replacements as soon as possible. If you would be interested in volunteering to be the SCIBA Accounts Examiner and you have relevant experience we would be delighted to hear from you and in the first instance please speak to the Hon. County Secretary who will be able to expand on the role. Ideally it would be preferable to appoint two (2) Examiners but I don't want to get ahead of myself too soon and frankly I'd be delighted to hear from one willing Member for openers!

All the advertised positions offer a number of additional opportunities to play in county matches in the Presidents' or Executive rinks throughout the season. The Under 25 Managers' position is reviewed by the Executive each year. The GPC positions are initially for a period of ONE (1) year but the holders are welcome to continue provided their own clubs agree. Each position makes an immense contribution to the running of SCIBA and whilst existing Officers can help take up the slack when the positions are unfilled it places an additional burden on them at a time when they are personally giving up quite enough of their time to accommodate their principal appointment. SCIBA management needs fresh blood to keep it relevant to its' membership.... if you can offer to help with any of the vacant posts please get in touch with the Hon. Secretary as soon as practicable .... you will be made most welcome.


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