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Hon. Secretary writes.....

27th August, 2015

For all you competition entrants the SCIBA Competition draws are now published. Simply click on the appropriate competition heading on the left hand side of this page and find out now who you are drawn against, when the match has to be played by and contact details of every competitor who has entered this year. Thank you all for making 2015/16 season a bumper year for entries into the county competitions. Now that all our competitions are fully OPEN I hope many more of you will try your luck against your peers in the future.

I wish you all good luck and most of all "enjoy" the games. It's all about how you play on the day. Winning is great but losing isn't life threatening! There will always be another competition to enter and for sure some of them you will win so if it isn't your day today then don't get down-hearted because it will be tomorrow!

18th August, 2015

Just a reminder for all Club apppointed County Selectors that the pre-season Selectors meeting is next Tuesday, 25th August, 2015 at 10.00am at Wealden Bowls Centre. It is important all County Selectors attend in order the Team Secretary, Harry Payne can update you on what is required during the season in terms of county match returns and what is needed to assist the County Selection committee to make appropriate player selection for each county game. If you can't make the meeting yourself then send a substitute who can bring the information back to your club for you.

17th July, 2015

Harry Payne the County Team Secretary has recently put out an email reminding all elected Club County Selectors to attend the pre-season meeting at Wealden BC on Tuesday, 25th August, 2015 at 10.00am - I paraphrase: "This is a very important meeting and is the only time in the season when all those involved with County team selection meet together.  At that meeting the County's selection process and records procedure are explained, copies of each clubs' badged and credited players are distributed and County/Club match dates are agreed.  Should a Club Selector not be able to attend would they please make sure that they are adequately represented as without the information being distributed they will find it difficult to efficiently perform their part of the selection process which in turn will throw a spanner into the works later on in the season when the process is well underway."

16th July, 2015

If you've been following things on our FaceBook page you will know that additional entries are being sought for next season's Men's Singles Championship following a discovery that several clubs remained unaware the event had joined all the other competitions by adopting an OPEN format from season 2015/16. Because it was thought unfair not to put it out there again we have canvassed the clubs once more and placed an extended closing date of the 31st July, 2015 for those interested in competing in this competition. Again not wishing to confuse matters further the individual entrant details of your Name, Club & Contact number should be personally e.mailed directly to me at and I will give the final list to the County Competition Secretary for him to do a re-draw at the start of August. So if you are reading this and either wish to enter yourself or know of others who would be interested then please e.mail me the details as above. The emphasis is on getting the entries in first and foremost but we shall chase you up for the appropriate entry fee of £4.00 once the draw is concluded so please watch out for that and get it in promptly. So once again a REMINDER.... ALL Sussex County IBA competitions are OPEN. There are now no county competitions with an eligibility restriction based on being a finalist in your own club events.

7th July 2015

My opening comments following the County AGM are to welcome and congratulate our new President...Malcolm Goman (Wealden) and to wish him well for his Presidency. He follows on from Gordon Leaman (Arun) who had an amazing year in office for which we all thank him. Malcolm I'm sure will continue in the same vein and as he is now regarded as "a legend in his own lifetime" by those who know him we can feel the county is once again in good hands and with a bright 2015/16 season stretching ahead of it. Martyn Naylor (Falaise) moves up to Vice President and we wish him every success in shadowing Malcolm in preparation for his own Presidency in season 2016/17. The County has been unable to find a candidate for the vacant Deputy Vice President's position for next season and there was no nomination from any of the clubs. I would urge any of you reading this to consider whether you would like to take up the role and put back something into our County. It is not an onerous position and doesn't hinge on whether you can financially afford to run. Every effort is made to ensure that where necessary the County supports it's Executive Officers and I can assure anyone thinking of taking on the opportunity that they will have a great deal of fun and enjoyment in the role and will make an immense number of new friends during their run.....friends that will remain so long into the future. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss the position and I'm only too happy to meet up and talk over what is involved. I really hope someone will come forward and fill the vacancy. It is a great way of extending your bowls career and help the County work at it's best on behalf of the membership.

20th April, 2015.....

Congratulations to all our winners who were successful in yesterday's County Finals and commiserations to the losing finalists. Unfortunately I was unable to be there on the day and share in the atmosphere but I understand the occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. President Gordon Leaman has told me it was a memorable event for him and couldn't have gone better. He thanks all those who made it special not only for him but for the competitors, spectators and particularly those doing the work on the day. It's well done to Viv Evans in his first year as County Competition Secretary and we all thank him for running a great show. Don't forget to make sure your club has put their competition entries in for next year and please remember that ALL the county competitions are now OPEN to anyone who wishes to play in them. I encourage you to enter and enjoy competing against bowlers from across the county and hopefully reaching next seasons' finals yourself. Photographs of the presentation of trophies to the winners are now on the competition pages so take a look and see who became your Champions for 2014/15.

12th April, 2015....

I see that David Hubbard from the Adur IBC lost 18 - 21 in the National Singles Finals to Greg Harlow this morning. Having prevailed 21 - 17 against Robert Paxton in the semi's he would have fancied himself to do well in the final and he did indeed going down by just three shots! Fantastic run David and no doubt disappointment going out in the end to a player you have beaten before in the National Singles final. Nevertheless, in what has so far been an emotional year with losing your Father so recently I'm certain everyone about you will agree your effort in reaching four National Final events is nothing short of breathtaking and immensely inspiring.

9th April, 2015..

Commiserations to the Egerton Park Triple in the National Finals who lost out in the quarters to the eventual winners Cyphers IBC . Kevin Carrie Mike Stone and Stuart Holland had a brilliant match against Andy Thompson, Tom Doig & Paul Field only losing by one shot on the final end... in what must have been a titanic battle. No disgrace losing to the Cyphers lads but I'm guessing the Egerton players will be understandably gutted with the result. Even so a magnificent effort which we all applaud.....

9th April, 2015.....

With most of you thinking about going outside thought I'd just update you on the indoor county league results before you all leave!

It's many congratulations to Adur who were Division (1) Winners with Egerton Park taking the second spot. In the second Division (2) Falaise won and are promoted to Division 1 next season as will be the runners up Wealden. Well done to the winners....commiserations to those clubs relegated next season and many thanks to Lew Mockett the County League Manager who has kept you all on track and handled any problems. Job well done Lew!

5th April, 2015.....

I've quite rightly been reminded that for reasons better blamed on my personal circumstances I missed out mentioning the National Triple Finalists from Egerton Park who are playing on the 8th April at Melton & District IBC...their first round against a three from Exonia. I most humbly apologise for the was a pure oversight and I hope no harm done. We do of course wish them every success and add that they are a young triple on paper but very much heavyweights in the bowls world. Stuart Holland, Mike Stone & Kevin Carrie....good luck from the county members and it's a great team with the qualities to win hands down.... no pressure then lads! Once again I'm sorry for my was not intentional....

2nd April, 2015......

Good luck wishes going out to Our National Finalists in the Singles with (once again) David Hubbard; the Pairs where David Hubbard and Jack Fairhall combine and the Fours with yes you guessed it...David Hubbard, John Godfrey, Paul Gandey and Jack Fairhall. All these finals will be played at Melton & District IBC with David & Jack opening the show in the Pairs on the 3rd April...the Fours on the 6th April and the Singles on the 10th April. So all bowlers in Sussex crossing everything to wish them well and we will be watching the results board with greater enthusiasm over the next few days.

Commiserations to Steve Perris and Andy Corben from Wealden who were knocked out of the Over 60 National Pairs finals in a closely contested match against the ultimate winners of the competition. Great they made it to the National Finals anyway because that is no mean achievement and I have a feeling we will be seeing them back in the finals before too long.

It's fantastic to see Sussex so well represented in the National Finals and goes to prove the theory that we have some of the most talented bowlers in the country and of course it is noticeable that Adur IBC feature their players at this level more than any other local indoor club. Quite the hot bed of bowls virtuosity and the members must feel very proud of their achievements.

9th March, 2015...

...and the good news keeps coming... (if reported a little late by your Secretary for which apologies) Sussex CIBA Under 25's have finished as runners up to Kent in the Under 25 Home Counties Inter-County League. Truly a fantastic result which must have given the exceptionally strong Kent lads a real surprise! Exceptional though the players have been in their first return to The Home Counties Under 25 Inter-County League a considerable amount of credit must go to Ray Leggett their Manager and Barry Torode the Assistant Manager. Their combined efforts have re-shaped the SCIBA Under 25 Section this season and moulded it into a force to be reckoned with. This in particular is outstanding work as Sussex County IBA has so few Under 25 players.. but despite that Ray and Barry have provided a point of reference for the players and their families to focus upon which was previously lacking and that inspiration has driven this team forward. I am certain we will see much more from our younger players in the future but for now what a really brilliant result this is and congratulations to all the players as well as their management team..... it's a long time since anyone in the County Executive has been able to shout such great news from the rooftops about our team of Under 25's and I can't tell you how good it feels to be able to do just that! To all of you reading this message please go to the Under 25 Inter-County League page for a league table and photo of the Runners Up award........

8th March, 2015........ 

Great news from Spalding IBC.... Ajay Morphett of Egerton Park IBC has won the National Under 15 Singles Title! This is a fantastic result for Ajay whose bowls career goes from strength to strength and I'm sure it won't be long before he is playing for his country in future international events. He' s a cracking little bowler, competitive and up for any challenge. The win is thoroughly deserved and reflects well on Sussex County IBA but particularly on the system used by Egerton Park to bring their youngsters on. Ajay gets phenomenal support from his family and with Dad Rob also a top flight bowler Mum Amber has her hands full balancing their competition schedules!! I believe we will see great things from Ajay and I look forward to following his upward path as he grows older. Very well done Ajay... CONGRATULATIONS on an outstanding win. Make it your starting point for international selection and we have every confidence it's only a matter of a couple of years before you really hit the big time.

Ajay Morphett National Singles Winner 2014/15

Ajay Morphett National Singles Winner 2014/15

Ajay Morphett with his Award

4th March, 2015...

Ajay Morphett (Egerton Park) starts his run in the National Under 15 Singles Finals at Lincoln this coming Saturday 7th March, 2015... we wish him all the best for the event and I'm sure Mum Amber and Dad Rob will be green-side to will him onwards and propel him to victory. Ajay ..remember to always have a back wood every end... I've seen so many close games lost because a player forgets this one maxim.... don't let it be you Ajay!! Sussex will be hoping you come back a winner! Go get 'em kid!

3rd March, 2015......

Can I take this brief opportunity to wish some of the SCIBA players who have reached the 2015 National Finals the best of luck in their endeavours in the coming weeks.....

Adur IBC that has a rink in the final stages of the Men's Over 60 Fours commencing on the 21st March, 2015..... 

The Over 50's Triples team from Eastbourne .... Derek Dyer, Peter Reynolds & Terry Howard who start their finals run on 23rd March, 2015...

The Over 60 Pairs representing Sussex is Steve Perris & Andy Corben of Wealden BC and their off is set for 25th March, 2015....

The very best of luck is also extended to Terry & Ian Honnor from Adur IBC who have reached the final stages of the National Generational Pairs Competition and who commence battle on 25th April, 2015.

Every success and the very best of luck to each and everyone of them. Although competing for personal glory (and rightly so) they also do so as representatives from this county of ours and their success is reflected back onto all of us thus helping to keep Sussex at the forefront of competitive indoor bowls in this country.... well done to all of you!

3rd March, 2015.....

It is with regret we have to CANCEL the Jim Davies one day event sponsored by and played at Horsham & District IBC due to there being an inadequate number of clubs able to put teams forward for the competition. Viv Evans, County Competition Secretary, has put in extra effort to raise the minimum 12 teams necessary for a successful competition but despite his hard work we remain several teams adrift. So, as with The John Bates earlier in the year the Jim Davies Challenge Cup will not be played for this season. As the ability of clubs to raise a rink interested in playing the one day competitions declines the county shall have to consider whether they remain viable for next season and if the decision is taken that they do not then it may be time to permanently drop these events from the competitions calendar or at the very least suspend them until such time as player interest returns !

25th February, 2015......

Congratulations and commiserations in equal quantity to David Hubbard and Lorraine Kuhler of Adur IBC who reached the National final of the Mixed pairs on Sunday last but lost to Ellen Faulkner and Nicky Brett 24 - 16. Tremendous effort by the Adur pairing particularly in light of the very recent tragic news David would have had on his mind. In any event well done to both players....they make a formidable world class indoor bowls pairing...

3rd February, 2015....

I just wish to make comment about the Sussex County IBA Under 25's who have been revitalised this season since the arrival of their new Manager, Ray Leggett and Assistant Barry Torode. Under their care the boys have blossomed into a really competitive bunch of young players that are producing outstanding results particularly in the Inter-County League where at the moment they are in second place to Kent! This is truly amazing and if readers are keeping up with the match reports from Ray Leggett they will see just how well the boys are doing. It's a mark of their achievement that they are pressing Kent for the Championship....a county that generally has the strongest Under 25 players in the home counties by some margin. This season Kent are not getting it all their own way and must be quite anxious to see Sussex closing them down match by match! I can definitely say that in my time as Secretary and before that Assistant over 12 years.. I've never witnessed the Sussex Under 25's achieving team results as they are doing at the moment. Well done to each and every one of the lads and great work to Ray and Barry in getting the team to their current level!

It would be fantastic for the Sussex Indoor Under 25's to receive sponsorship to promote their rise up the rankings. NOW is the time for potential sponsors to step forward. With the lads becoming a real force to reckon with their continuing success would be reflected onto a Sponsor's participation. If you are reading this and think you'd like to be involved as a Sponsor please get in direct touch with me so we can meet and discuss your marketing needs in the most productive way and best promote our youngsters whom are laying down solid foundations for the future of bowls in this county. These are exciting times for indoor bowls in Sussex and our young bowlers are leading the way! Its a good time to be on the band-waggon as it rolls forward!

8th January, 2015......

Wishing our Liberty Trophy players the very best of luck and success in the match against Kent County IBA the current holders of the Liberty Trophy from last season. We only lost to them then by 12 shots overall and I know that all the players will be up for reversing the scoreline this time. We have self belief and confidence going into the game and we have the players capable of pulling a win out of the bag. The match is on Saturday, 10th January, 2015 at Mote Park IBC starting at 10.00am ...for those who would like to make the trip and cheer Sussex on. I hope to see you many of you there!

28th December, 2014...

It is with great sadness I announce the death of Barry Napper a long time member of Arun District IBC. Barry passed away earlier this morning. Our condolences are extended to his wife Lesley, daughter Michelle and indeed to all members of his family, friends and colleagues. Barry will be remembered for his quick witted personality and his effusive and exuberant character both on and off the green. His immense sense of humour was something he brought to everything he turned his hand to and he always left everyone with a smile!

Barry will be greatly missed but it is certain that the lives of those who knew him were left brighter and more cheerful when leaving his company and if he was here now he would definitely wish that we remember the laughter he brought us and not think of being sad about his departure from our company! 

Barry was an integral member of the SCB holding several positions including that of the President of the Worthing & District Bowls Association, Treasurer of the same group as well as being the Treasurer of Arun IBC. I am informed by the family there will be no funeral as Barry left his remains to science. If there is to be a memorial service in the future I will as usual include information on this page.

21st December, 2014.....


20th December, 2014....

Congratulations to Falaise IBC and in particular Danny Dargan, Dave Smith, Ian May and John Blackford who won the 2014/15 Llew Knight Annual Patrons Challenge Cup earlier in the month. Photo of the happy team being presented with the trophy at Egerton Park by President Gordon Leaman. Well done to them all.

Big thank you to the sponsors of the event, Egerton Park IBC, for their generous support and once again staging the competition at their club.

16th December, 2014.....

Although little used the FORUM pages have been cut following their infection by some type of computer virus and to ensure overall website safety these pages have been axed. I'm pleased to say that the problem does not extend to the rest of the site. As the Forum never really took off losing it shouldn't impact on the members or visitors to the SCIBA website. I am looking at future improvements for our site and after the holiday period will be meeting with our Webmaster to discuss and implement what we feel would boost the website and enhance both bowls Member and casual visitor experience.

11th December, 2014.......

Although at this time the news is unconfirmed I have heard that Horsham & District IBC is not now being demolished for redevelopment and will remain as the indoor bowls club it has always been. This is fantastic news not just for the club and it's members but for all us connected with indoor bowls in Sussex. With it's future secured the membership will be able to implement long term planning with the knowledge that their ideas, goals and ambitions for the future of the club have every opportunity to reach fruition. I don't know how the considerable efforts of the club in protesting the plans to develop the site were instrumental in this latest turn of events, nor do I know whether the multiple letters and howls of protest made by many individual bowlers, county and clubs impacted on this turnabout but I do know that without them we might not have been looking at quite as bright an outcome as now appears to be the case. Therefore, on behalf of SCIBA I applaud your interventions and hard work in supporting Horsham & District IBC during their dark days and all of you can take a little credit for helping the club to emerge into the sunshine of a brighter, more cheerful and optimistic tomorrow..... well done to Horsham and we look forward to seeing much more of you on your green!

3rd December, 2014.....

Commiserations are due to our Over 60 National competitors who yesterday played and sadly lost to an as ever, strong Surrey contingent. 2015 will see our third attempt to get beyond the first round of this event and as with the Liberty Trophy it must surely be our turn to win against the likes of Surrey and Kent.... it's not as if we don't have the players that are capable of doing it because we definitely do. We have the players, we have the confidence, we have good leadership with our Team Manager and we have the will to succeed....perhaps all we are missing is that sprinkling of good luck... the rub of the green on the day and an overdue return on the law of averages!  Come on Sussex...we're all behind you......

27th November, 2014

Would Competitors in the county competitions please post, telephone, email or text their results to the County Competition Secretary, Viv Evans now that he has returned from holiday. I am no longer the point of contact for these results. His contact details are on the Officers page of the website. Many thanks.

22nd November, 2014

GREAT WIN for the Liberty Trophy team against Middlesex at Adur IBC today. Sussex 154  Middlesex 92 so we march on to play against the ol' enemy Kent on their turf on Saturday, 10th January, 2015. Very well done to all those who played today and want you all to remember that we only lost against Kent last year by 12 shots overall! Got to be our turn this time.... surely! 

The Under 25's made a great effort in the National Double Rink against Surrey at the week-end but it was not to be. Surrey 49 Sussex 33 was the final score but I hope the lads won't be disappointed for too long. They are not only a young team but an inexperienced one in the early days of getting established. When you run in second it teaches you something more about yourself and about the game and it definitely makes you stronger and more determined to go out next time and improve. We will see that in the future as this young squad grows in stature and ability. They will make their mark on the competitive scene, of that I'm certain and we must ensure we give them every opportunity to return our confidence in them with positive results. So bad luck this time boys but take the experience away with you and use it as a step up the competition ladder because one day not so far into the distance you will reach the summit and make your mark on our sport.

LIBERTY TROPHY match Sussex v Middlesex will be played at Adur IBC on Saturday, 22nd November, 2014 start time 10.00am. We made the semi-final last year and there's no reason we can't go another round and get to the final but it's not only the players...they need our support so come along and spectate, cheer and rally the Sussex men to overcome their opposition. The Liberty Trophy is the big one in the indoor season for the men and we were so close last year we could taste it. This year lets do more than taste the win let's dine out on it! Good luck to all the Sussex players.


Sunday, 16th November, 2014.....

The best of luck to our young Under 25 players who are playing Surrey in the National Double Rink this morning. The home four is at Falaise with the away rink at Wye Valley. It's going to be a tough one but Sussex lads are playing well at the moment and it would mean a lot to come away with a win against a dominant county like Surrey. 10.00am start both venues if you're going along to support. Fingers crossed!

Please be very vigilant

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A card is posted through your door from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) suggesting that they were unable to deliver a parcel and that you need to contact them on 0906 6611911 (a Premium rate number).
If you call the number and you start to hear a recorded message you will already have been billed £315 for the phone call.
If you do receive a card with these details, then please contact Royal Mail Fraud on 020 7239 6655.
For more information, see the Crime Stoppers website: 
Please be aware that the premium rate number may change but nevertheless please do not call any number stated on a card from PDS.



20th October, 2014,

Sorry to report Sussex ran in second best in the Home Counties Finals. A valiant fight back by Bill Murphy to draw level at 20-20 but wasn't to be his day with the title going to Tom Webb of Hertfordshire. Similar unhappy news from the fours where we were beaten by a measly seven shots in the semi-final. Well done all the Sussex lads and perhaps next year but thank you for turning out and representing your county. It was appreciated by me and I'm sure many others in Sussex that are rarely heard.....the silent majority!

18th October, 2014....

At Glebelands IBC tomorrow (19/10/14) the Home Counties IBA Finals will be concluded. Representing Sussex in the singles will be Bill Murphy from Worthing Pavilion BC and in the Fours Phil Wade, Rob & Ajay Morphett & Stephen Bain from Egerton Park IBC. Sadly we have no representatives in the pairs or triples, all eligible players being unavailable for selection for one reason or another! It is a pity but not a precedent as all counties find themselves in this situation from time to time. Some changes next season will pitch the finals in November which should allow a better window of opportunity for all the county winners to be free! In any event let's not take it away from those who are waving the Sussex flag, so.... Bill, Rob, Ajay, Phil & Stephen.....the best of luck with your ties tomorrow. The county are justly proud of your achievements and hope you will make us prouder still by bringing the Winners' trophies back to Sussex with you. Unusually nearly all the county officers are pre-booked for events closer to home tomorrow and I can only apologise for that but Lew Mockett a previous Home Counties IBA President and the current HCIBA Delegate will be there to represent the county. GO SUSSEX!

17th October, 2014....

SCIBA wishes good luck to the 32 players selected for the Liberty Trophy trial match on Sunday, 19th, October, 2014. Anyone with a couple of hours to spare who would like to see the session it is on from 09.30 - 12.30 at Adur Indoor Bowls Club.....go along and see for yourself the cream of our indoor crop putting their skills to the test with potentially, a Liberty Trophy team place as the reward!

16th October, 2014....

Congratulations to Martin Heitzman (Falaise) and Jack Fairhall (Adur) on winning through in their National trials. Two of our top drawer young players reaping their rightful rewards for consistent competitive results over recent times. We can look forward to seeing them both displaying the skills that got them noticed in the first place, lining up to compete against other nations in the future. Sussex Indoor is proud of their achievements and sure they will go on to achieve great things.

9th September, 2014....

Please take time to read the Sussex Police publication "Little Book of Big Scams" which is an informative take on all the new internet based and other scams being perpetrated on vulnerable people and some not so vulnerable people as well! It's a good read and might just be the difference between being scammed out of money etc. and not... I've pinned it down on the Home Page right hand column so please take advantage of it!

9th September, 2014.....

Message from Scott Edwards of the BDA reminding all clubs that there are still places on the Safeguarding course being run on the 19th September, 2014. Contact the BDA website for full details and Booking form. This is an opportunity for clubs to gain their certification towards Clubmark and ancillary criteria. Contact the website for more details.

3rd September...

As you will recall we agreed to trial a fully digitised on line version of the SCIBA Yearbook commencing with the upcoming season. Myself and David Jackson our Webmaster, have been working together to achieve a seamless changeover but inevitably a lot is going to rely on our individual member's goodwill and each of them seeing this change as progressive and part of the modernisation of the SCIBA framework, as well as being a budget saving move beneficial to our long term survival.

An "on line" electronic FlipBook is under construction that will visually mimic the paper version of the yearbook that you remember but in the meantime David and I have been ensuring that content each of you require as a necessity is readily available on the existing webpages under previous column headings or alternatively new headings. Therefore, items such as Competition Draws, Fixture List, Annual Reports, County Meeting Dates, Affiliated Clubs, County League, Annual Patrons, County Rules & Regulations, Competition Rules and goodwill Messages from our incoming and outgoing Presidents are all accounted for and have been updated during the closed season. With very few exceptions all the input now on the website relates to those vital pieces of information and where there is a shortfall it will be rectified and confirmed by the start of the new season. Our ability to amend certain items is enhanced because such changes or corrections can now be achieved swiftly and with maximum circulation whereas before when we relied on a pre-printed publication that was just not the case.

Take a look at the new pages that have been added to the website and you'll notice that all the appropriate information is contained under that heading. Where additional notices are necessary there will be a clear link that can be clicked on to take you there. I think you will find the website much easier to navigate and more interesting and informative relevant to your needs. Printing the SCIBA Yearbook each year was a costly exercise. Despite several years back moving over to an internet printing company which saved us several thousands of pounds each print the cost has gradually been creeping up again. Even with internet printing the yearbook accounts for the thick end of £2000.00 per annum and it's your money raised through affiliation fees that is being spent.

With the gradual decline in member numbers it was also necessary to look at new ways of disseminating county information that were less expensive than conventional methods and "on line" was an obvious choice. We already own our own website and we have a huge capacity for information led content, particularly the targeted kind that bowls demands. Even among the more senior in our number a computer is owned and every Sussex indoor club has access to it's own computer and more often than not its' own website as well! If not a desktop or laptop computer the proliferation in smart phones and tablets has offered us further means of getting onto the world wide web!

The SCIBA Executive has additionally had to be mindful of future increases in affiliation fees and aware as they are of the spiralling cost of matches and club subscriptions, travelling, meals and equipment expenses they have had to consider new ways of mitigating those increases. We plan ahead as much as we can to keep costs to a minimum. We subsidise where we can do keep member match costs as low as possible. The money saved through moving away from a printed yearbook to an on line version will allow us to maintain affiliation fees at their current level for much longer than could be achieved otherwise and every affiliated member benefits from that change!  

Various new ideas are being tested out on the website as I'm sure most of you will have noticed! Scrolling advertisements is one innovation we are attempting to bring to the site but as I expect you will see reading them has become an issue at the moment because they are quite small! We are trying out other things to ensure we can run advertising in the future thereby providing us with the means to raise income from those resources to defray the cost of maintaining the website and it's year on year hosting with a dedicated server.... once more drawing funding away from membership affiliation fees and minimising what we have to ask our members for in the way of financial support.

We respectfully ask for your tolerance and forebearance while we go through these changes. They will not be hiccup free I'm afraid but I do promise we will keep disruption to an absolute minimum and if you wish to discuss any problem you've encountered on the SCIBA website or you have an idea as to how we can improve it for the benefit of all of our members please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or for that matter with any County Officer on the Executive Committee. Meanwhile both myself and David Jackson thank you for your patience and look forward to ensuring that Sussex County Indoor BA has one of the best indoor bowls websites in the country! 

     1st September....



25th August, 2014....

Competitions 2014/15 ..... entries are noticeably down on previous years and in an effort to promote more competitiveness the usual grouping (zoning) is being suspended for this season. It will mean a little more travelling for competitors and will dispense with them playing against the usual local opponents as is the norm!

In season 2015/16 the restriction of entries to club finalists is being lifted in the pairs and the triples championships and these will become open competitions alongside the fours and unbadged singles. For the time being the championship singles will be restricted to club finalists so as not to disturb the current National Champion of Champions event to which it leads.

It is hoped that in opening up the eligibility to these competitions it will attract significantly more interest from ALL club members and lift the currently flagging entry numbers.

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