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Hon. Secretary writes.........






Hon. Secretary writes.........

Congratulations to our own Jack Fairhall who has been selected for the Under 25 Men's International Team 2017 and will play at Newport IBC on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th February 2017. Very well done Jack. You deserve the accolade and let's hope it is just the start of something big for you. Quality player and all round nice guy. Sussex County IBA is proud of your achievement. Another top player from the Adur stable!


The U25 Inter-County League of which Sussex are the current Champions having won last season are struggling for available players. If you can definitely make yourself available for selection and play then please contact the Under 25 Manager Ray Leggett or the Asst. U25 Manager Barry Torode to let them know you are up for it! Many of the established payers are finding themselves for various reasons unable to play and we keep losing 25% of our score because of rink shortages. It may be, if nobody steps up to the plate, the league side will have to permanently drop to 3 rinks for the remainder of the season consequently losing 25% of the points on each game and almost certainly guaranteeing we will lose our Championship status. PLEASE TREAT THIS AS URGENT. Ray and Barry's contact details are on this website under the Officers list.

Sunday 27th November, 2016

It's a huge well done to all the players who emerged winners in the first round of The Liberty Trophy against Middlesex County IBA yesterdayat Glebelands IBC. It was a trmendous performance after us being a bit slow out of the gate! However, we very soon got our noses in front and stayed there running out 120 - 81 winners by the end of the game. For our ministrations we have secured a second round tie against the old enemy Kent and this match will be played at Adur Indoor Bowls Club on Saturday, 17th December, 2016 starting at 10.00am Thank you to those who came and supported Sussex yesterday and with a home tie next round I hope we shall see many more of you dropping in to support our players in this the highest National Men's Team Competition of our sport. Thank you to Middlesex who made us all very welcome at wasn't your day but as we all know winning at bowls is capricious at the best of times and I'm certain you will bounce right back. We wish you well for the remainder of your season, look forward to seeing you again when we play a representative badge match at Century IBC on the 15th December and also on your President's Tour to Eastbourne in March 2017.

The winning 2016 Sussex County IBA Liberty Trophy team v Middlesex County IBA

Liberty Trophy


NB: A set of keys were found after the match at Glebelands and are being held for safe keeping by the Middlesex County IBA President, Andy Docker. If you were the loser please contact him direct to arrange for their repatriation. His details are on the Middlesex CIBA website

Tuesday, 22nd November, 2016

Well was not to be for Sussex in the Over 60 National dubbed the Senior's Liberty Trophy. Facing our old enemy Kent we went down across the six rinks by 90 - 117...only 4 shots or so for each rink but enough I'm afraid. Our group ...the way we are zoned, always pits us against strong Counties...Kent, Surrey, Middlesex....but if you're going to go the whole hog to the final you will have to play some of these counties in any event so no matter when you come up against them... first round or final .... you still have to beat them!

I know it's disapponting but there's always next year and once again we will be in there pitching. We do not give up... ever! The other counties know that so they are always going to be worried about facing us...we're a definite threat and no pushover and we have the talent to win every National Team Competition. We are a County of triers and we will keep on trying and we will win one year...we will win all the National team events...mark my words! Thank you to all the players for their commitment. We are as proud of you today as we will always be. Good luck to Sussex in the Liberty Trophy on Saturday 26th against Middlesex... to the players I say believe in can do it for your County, your Club but most of all do it for yourselves and your thousands of supporters spread all around Sussex....they will be watching and a lot of fingers and other body parts will be crossed on the day.

Here is the link to the team sheet for the National Over 60 (Senior Liberty) being played at Adur and Ashford against Kent on Tuesday 22nd November, 2016. Supporters welcome...come and cheer our players on.

National Over 60 Inter-County Competition
National Over 60 Inter-County Competition


Wednesday 26th October, 2016

I now have the first tranche of the new blouson county jackets in the Sussex Indoor colours to hand. I'm pretty sure the favourite sizes will go quickly and when they do I will order more straightaway. There is no way I can outfit all of you in a single go so please don't moan about it if your size has to wait for the second order. The new jackets can be worn as an alternative option to the traditional blazer but there is no pressure on members to purchase one. It is not mandatory! The jackets will be issued through the same distribution system that is used for the county shirts....that is if you are playing in a particular match telephone or email me and I'll arrange so far as is humanly possible to have the jacket ready for you to collect from the County Officer of the Day at the match. There will be the occasional difficulty if your match is the other end of the county and nobody from my end (Worthing) is attending but we will try to keep such problems to a minimum.... I will do my best! As soon as we are out of a particular size I will take your name and club and get a list organised for the second order so please continue to let me know by phone or email your requirements. I am on 01903 248049 or email at I have to maintain a record of all sales and account for them so I have to apply this system. It has worked well with the shirts and I expect it to do the same with the jackets. The new jackets will cost £25.00 each... Cash or Cheque made out to SCIBA. Pay to the Officer of the Day at the match. Unlike the shirts there will be no concessions for younger players (sorry Mum & Dad!). SCIBA do not make a profit from sales....very likely we will end up making a small loss! Sizes range from S, M, L, XL, 2XL & 3XL. (In most instances your shirt size will dictate your jacket size as well).   I have a handful of 4XL jackets on back order but delivery may be 3/4 weeks yet.

Wednesday 26th October, 2016

Congratulations to Jack FAIRHALL (Adur) and Ajay MORPHETT (Egerton Park) who have both been selected for the Under 25 International Trial on the 12th, November, 2016. Jack is playing at Bromsgrove IBC and Ajay at City of Ely IBC. Isn't it great to see our young Sussex bowls talent being regularly selected for International trials nowadays. It reflects well on them and of course Sussex County gets to bathe in their reflected glory! Do well the pair of you and keep on representing your Country, County, Club and yourselves at the highest level of our great sport . Fantastic!

Tuesday, 22nd October, 2016

"Here’s a nice article about Ajay Morphett in his local newspaper. Hope you like the read!"

Ajay Morphett Wins Gold Medal in the BIIBC Series

Tuesday, 18th October, 2016

As amended cos' I'm having a stressfulday! ........ (just for those who noticed my deliberate error) ... I feel we should get behind our young players and particularly those who succeed at the highest level they can presently achieve. Ajay Morphett (Egerton Park) is one such young player. Only 15 years old and in the winning England Team in the BIIBC Under 18 Series ..... but that's not all....he went on to win the Gold Medal in the Singles as well! There's little doubt that Ajay is flying at the moment and I hope he continues to milk this winning streak he is enjoying. What next for Ajay? Well come back and check but don't leave it too long because you may miss his next success! Ajay is one of the young faces of bowls making their way in our sport. He and his contemporaries are the future of bowls and with the recent selection of Callum Phillimore, Jack Fairhall and Reece Tugwell along with Ajay in the Sussex Liberty Trophy team playing against Middlesex next month it looks as though it will be in good hands!

Ajay Morphett Wins Gold Medal in the BIIBC Series Ajay Morphett Wins Gold Medal in the BIIBC Series

Ajay Morphett Wins Gold Medal in the BIIBC Series

Ajay is a Gold Medallist in the U18 Mixed BIIBC Series with England winning the whole competition


Monday 10th October, 2016

May I please clarify the competition rules.......Sussex CIBA will NOT be following the EIBA directions in respect of reduced playing times and reduced ends for the current season. Previous arrangements will continue to apply. Thus...Singles 21 shots; Pairs & Fours 21 ends; Triples 18 ends... and in respect of time.. games will be played to the maximum time allowed by each individual club under their home rules. There will continue to be NO time limit in the County Finals. The rules have been duly amended to clarify the situation. The rules have also been clarified in the event of a tied game... an extra end will be played with players/teams tossing for jack and either starting themselves or giving the jack away to the opponent. Competitors are advised to familiarise themselves with the clarifications before playing. If there are any queries or further clarifications necessary please contact the County Secretary, Tony Phillips on 01903 248049.

The same clarifications apply to the Sussex County IBA League with the extra end being played by a rink drawn prior to the match start by the Umpire at the same time as the drawing for rinks is done.

Monday, 3rd October, 2016

Liberty Trophy Teamsheet published. Click on link below. Good luck to all the players and all the best to the new National Team Manager David Hubbard (Adur) and his Assistant Iain Donaldson (Worthing) with their new plans to bring the success in the National Competitions that Sussex are very capable of providing. Their new approach to selection should produce strong Sussex sides in the team competitions and with a bit of luck and a following wind we should be looking at the County ending up on top of the pile! Fingers crossed all the same!

Liberty Trophy 2016
SCIBA Liberty Trophy

Just to let you all know we held the SCIBA County Trial yesterday at Adur IBC where we had seven rinks of our top bowlers playing against their peers in a full 18 end match. The trial was organised by National Team Manager David Hubbard and the Assistant National Team Manager, Iain Donaldson and took the form of that which is usually applied to International trials. Each player was judged using a simple points marking system on each of their woods over the entire time of the game. It was a thoroughly professional approach with each rink being marked by experienced bowlers and the results while not made public, will be used as the basis for selecting the Liberty Trophy team to play Middlesex at Glebelands IBC on Saturday, 26th November, 2016. Both Markers, Umpires and players were properly briefed beforehand by David and Iain so everyone knew where the overall trial featured in the selection process. Whilst not a definitive guide for the Liberty, Over 60 National KO and Home Counties League it will be of great assistance to the Managers when they come to pick their first Liberty team.. which should be later this week and which will be posted both here and on our FaceBook page. I'd like to congratulate both David & Iain on a very professional and well organised County Trial and I think we can expect to see this becoming an annual event and where thought necessary and practical further trials may be considered during the season. A special thank you to all the players who didn't let us down, turned up as asked and mostly on time! The unsung numbers were of course the markers tasked with judging each wood for every player....not as simple as it sounds as it required immense concentration throughout the match. Thanks also to Bennie Bennett who umpired the match for us in his own time....and thank you to Adur IBC who hosted the event and ensured all their facilities were made available to the players and officials. Often passed by on days like yesterday are the Caterers who I have to say were their usual magnificent selves making quite certain that everyone's refreshment needs were met and I must say to their usual very high standards indeed. Adur IBC can feel justly proud of their Greek family of caterers who are very much top of the pile in terms of customer knows one will always get the highest standard of food preparation and along with bottomless coffee and teapots it really is a treat to the tastebuds to be served by them! Thank you so much for looking after our inner needs!

Supporters are very welcome to come to Glebelands IBC on Saturday 26th November, 2016 to cheer Sussex on against Middlesex in the first round of The Liberty Trophy. The club can be found at Summers Lane, London N12 0PD and directions can be found on their website

SCIBA County Trial
SCIBA County Trial


Tuesday, 20th September, 2016

Further to my last I now have the details of the funeral arrangements for Tony (two L's) Willson (Eastbourne). It will be on Tuesday 27th September, 2016 at 12 Noon at South Street Free Church, South Street, Eastbourne BN21 4UP. Those attending have been given permission to park in the nearby Eastbourne Bowling Club Car Park, ........The funeral service will be followed by a private cremation. I'm advised that refreshments will be available at the Hydro Hotel, Z at around 2.00pm - 2.15pm.

Tuesday 13th September, 2016

It is with profound sadness and much regret that I have heard through Allan Hilton former Outdoor & Indoor County President that Anthony Willson (Eastbourne) more popularly known as "Two L's Willson" passed away yesterday the 12th September, 2016. The information came to Allan from Tony's wife Ann. I have no further details or anything in respect of the funeral arrangements but as soon as I have them to hand I will circulate in these pages. Tony was a popular figure on our greens both outdoor and in and became closely involved in Sussex Indoor County matters as his club's Executive Delegate and on Selection. His nickname was a great source of friendly banter between himself and us "lesser' bowlers as we became known.... by way of example I would express my own name as "Two L's Phillips" when in his company !! Many others would also mimic his insistence on emphasising the spelling of his surname. Many a good laugh and amusing ripostes, repartee and jesting developed from that opening each time we met! Tony Willson was strictly "old school" about bowls and knew the rules of the game backwards. He will also be remembered for always being turned out very, very smartly. Impeccable in dress and style he brought a lot of fun to the sport and supported it through thick and thin! Anthony M. Willson was Outdoor County President in 2001.  "Plenus annis abiit, plenus honoribus.." ("He is gone from us, full of years and full of honours.") Our condolences and prayers are extended to Ann and Tony's family and if there is anything Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association can do to ease the sadness we stand waiting.


Would all those persons attending County Meetings leading up to the start of season 2016/17 and throughout the new season please note that ALL County meetings are now held at the ADUR IBC.. the new Headquarters of the Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association. The dates of county meetings and times etc. are listed in the right hand column of the Home page under "County Meeting Dates."      

Wednesday 24h August, 2016....

I'm sorry for any confusion on the competition pages that I hoped would be resolved by the end of today but which has proved a little more involved than at first thought. As a result all the competition closing dates have been reviewed and altered to comply not only with county rules but also to provide a fairer spread in the overall time frame of each competition..that I trust will be better for the competitors, easier to read and understand for the visitors and clearer all round at our end. It will mean that if any of you have noted down the old closing dates you had best check the new competition pages to get the revised ones. I'm experiencing some technical difficulties with the Unbadged Singles files that have been challenging to get into because of certain restrictions the original writer placed on them and my lack of knowledge as to how to get around the problem without having to start from the beginning! However, the other competitions are now with our Webmaster and he is in the process of uploading them onto the site to replace what was there before. As I said before I can only apologise for the glitch and hope the full review has resolved the situation. The Unbadged Singles files will be uploaded just as soon as possible. Any queries please contact me directly on my home number (01903 248049).

Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016......

I am very pleased to tell you that Adur IBC player Keith Renwick has been selected to play for England in the Over 50 International Seniors Double Rink in the BIIBC Series to be played at Warners Lakeside, Hayling Island on the 28th & 29th January, 2017. We wish him all success and look forward to seeing a win recorded for our two rinks! Well done Keith and well done Sussex in yet again being one of the "goto" counties when top competitive bowlers are sought to represent their Country! It's really great to see!

Hi everyone.... Some of you will already have noted your 2016/17 County Competition draws are gradually being uploaded to the website. In respect of the County Pairs the the closing dates have been amended in order to comply fully with Rule 4(d) and the Competition Secretary has this matter in hand and I expect the amendments will be published either today or tomorrow.... so if you've previously visited and noted down the dates then please go back to the Competitions pages and ensure you amend your notes to reflect the amended dates. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. Good luck to all the competitors in the new season's County Comps.....

3rd July, 2016.........

I've just discovered that our present Treasurer, George Glaves is emigrating to South Africa next month. George has tendered his resignation accordingly. As a principal signatory on the account I will stand in for the time being so if there are any matters that need addressing please direct them to me. We thank George for his hard work over the past 18months or so and wish him and Carole every good fortune in their new life under the South African sun!

14th June, 2016.....

Well...I'm just back from the SCIBA AGM 2016 and the very good news is that the position of Sussex County IBA National Team Manager has been confirmed as David Hubbard of the Adur IBC. His Number 2 will be Iain Donaldson (Worthing). Both appointments were received by everyone at the meeting with delight. Not only have we managed to secure a top International bowler in David Hubbard (Current National Fours Titleholder) but we have also managed to appoint the former Head Coach to the Spanish International Bowls team with Iain Donaldson who is highly respected across the country for his training methods based on positivity and mental strength which as we know are recognised areas of the psyche that when tuned can be the difference between a top team and just a good team! David as we all know has a winning ideal and is intensely competitive as a player. He has the knowledge to build winning sides and is fiercely partisan towards Sussex. To have attracted a couple of ferociously enthusiastic and passionate leaders to steer Sussex Indoor Bowls to winning ways in the big three National Competitions we compete in...The Liberty Trophy, The National Over 60 Knock Out (Veteran's Liberty) and the Home Counties League is something of a coup and my own elation was clearly shared by all the County Officers and Club Delegates because not a single person went against the appointments neither did anyone abstain from the unanimous vote that was reached. Thank you to everyone for your display of confidence in the new National Team Management. It was a very good start to know that you are fully behind them. I'm sure it will mean a lot to both of them as we start a new era in Sussex bowls under a completely fresh set of eyes. I'm thinking good things...hope you are too! Let's not forget's a big job to select the right players and then assemble them in the right order to achieve success. Inevitably there is plenty of tinkering around needed so please give the new Team Managers all your help and encouragement as they roll out their chosen elite.....and elite players those picked will be. They will be the best of the best that Sussex can deploy and they will have the right to regard themselves as elite bowlers. Let's get behind them and urge them onward to accomplishment after accomplishment.

We take this opportunity to welcome Martyn Naylor our new SCIBA President. Martyn bowls out of Falaise IBC and many of you will know him from the BowlsWorld shop which he manages. Please support him during his year in office. He will be looking to you to make yourselves available for County Club and Representative Badge matches throughout the season. Martyn is a very competitive animal and will be aiming to win all of his County matches. We'll do our best Martyn to oblige you! Win or lose......enjoy your Presidential year.

11th June, 2016...

I ask you to join with me in wishing John Godfrey (Adur) a swift and full recovery from his recent surgery. The news that John had contracted what is an aggressive and rare cancer had been kept quiet at John and Sandra's request and that has been respected across the county by those in the know. John is now in recovery from surgery and we await news of it's success with everything crossed! John is so well known across not just his home county of Sussex but literally across the country and I'm certain that everyone will wish him all the very best in his fight to beat his illness and return to where we know he is happiest.....on the green and usually giving us lesser mortals a lesson in bowling! Our thoughts and prayers are with John and Sandra at this difficult time and if there is anything any of us can do to help I hope someone will let me know. We stand ready and willing to help where we can for one of the nicest guys in bowls that you'd ever wish to meet as well as probably one of the most competitive bowler any of us are likely to know! Get well soon John. We are all missing you.

16th May, 2016.....

Extra Extra all about it! Local Sussex lad selected in the team to play in the England Under 18 Mixed International Series at Aberdeen taking place on 15th & 16th October, 2016. What an achievement! Ajay Morphett (Egerton Park) has been selected to play for his country in the BIIBC International series. Not only that....the Selectors have endorsed their faith in him by picking him to play the Blue Ribbon event .... the Singles! He will also skip the mixed pairs with Devon Cooper from the Hertfordshire club Riverrain. This is not only fabulous news for him and his club but it also sits pretty well with Sussex County IBA who are immensely proud to count him in their numbers. I think he will be at 14 years old the youngest International we have ever least in my memory. Very, very well done Ajay. All those hours of practice have finally paid off and opened the door to a glittering international indoor bowls career. We here at county have played a small part in promoting Ajay to reach this pinnacle and he has justified our faith in him with this achievement. He is an example of what can be accomplished if you have talent and put the work in to develop it. We wish him all the luck in the world.

To those who were selected for the trial but were not picked on this occasion... Don't give up. Keep plugging away and you will get noticed. Talent, like cream always rises to the top! If you've got it you will be a winner!

News on the Home Counties Finals the quarter finals of which must be played no later than the 23rd, October, 2016. I shall be submitting the names of our County Champions to the HCIBA along with contact details and I should have the names and contact details of the quarter finalists from the other counties in the near future.

SINGLES              HANTS v HERTS
                               SUSSEX v MIDDLESEX
                               KENT HAVE A BYE TO SEMI-FINALS
                               SURREY HAVE A BYE TO SEMI-FINALS
PAIRS                  MIDDLESEX v HERTS
                              SURREY v SUSSEX
                              HANTS HAVE A BYE TO SEMI-FINALS
                              KENT HAVE A BYE TO SEMI-FINALS
                             SUSSEX v HANTS
                             SURREY HAVE A BYE TO SEMI-FINALS
                             HERTS HAVE A BYE TO SEMI-FINALS
FOURS                SURREY v SUSSEX
                             MIDDLESEX v HERTS
                             HANTS HAVE A BYE TO SEMI-FINALS
                             KENT HAVE A BYE TO SEMI-FINALS
                            SUSSEX OR MIDDLESEX v SURREY
                           SURREY OR SUSSEX v KENT
                           SUSSEX OR HANTS v HERTS
                           SURREY OR SUSSEX  v  HANTS

Thursday 21st April, 2016.......

Hopefully there are still a few of you out there visiting the SCIBA site before your full attention turns to outdoor. I've heard that Egerton Park's Ajay Morphett and the 'always smiling' Alice Phillimore have been given an Under 18 England Mixed trial on May 15th at Rugby which is fantastic news. Certainly all the junior & U25 players know Alice well from her support in the U25 Inter County League this season. She has always been "Have Woods Will Travel" and has subbed in the lads league side on several occasions... without her being always available to step in at a moments notice who knows which way the final result might have gone! LOL.  She is a wonderful bowler in her own right and has a brilliant future ahead of her in the sport. We wish both her and Ajay every success in the mixed trial and together they would make a formidable pairing for the future. Congratulations to both players. Sussex are justly proud to have such talent coming through. Remember the names heard it here first!

Sunday 17th April, 2016.......

Time for everyone to start planning their campaign for next season. The end of this season is upon us and the outdoor grass beckons. It was good to finish on a high with the Adur four taking the National Fours Championship at Melton. Well done to them all. The low point this season has to be the theft of the new WINNERS blazer badges from Wealden BC on Finals Day. Just how low can someone sink to stealing from their fellow bowlers? Fortunately we don't suffer a lot with thefts but it still occurs from time to time. Just because you are at a bowls club never assume it can't happen to you. Sadly, these people are about and they will continue to take advantage if valuables etc. are left in changing rooms or unattended anywhere in the club. Be warned and make sure you don't fall victim....and yes perhaps we should have known better ourselves...... but we won't be so trusting again! I wish you all a great outdoor season and we'll see you again in September.....

Friday 15th April, 2016..........

A I write we have mixed news from the National Singles Championship. Sadly Andrew Harding fell at the first hurdle but deserves all our praise for simply reaching the finals and being such a good competitive bowler I am certain we shall see him back in the National Finals before too long.

On a more optimistic not Keith Renwick (Worthing Pavilion) is busy slugging it out with Andy Squire from the Essex Falcon Club in Round 1 and as I pen these words the score is 4 - 9 against Keith. So wishing him a turnaround on that scoreline over the next hour or so and all our best wishes that he finishes the winner and moves into Round 2 being played at 7.00pm tonight.

Unlucky it was with Keith going out 12 - 21 to the Essex lad Andy Squire who in turn went out in the second round! Commiserations Keith.

Wednesday 13th April, 2016.........


National Fours ChampionsFantastic win for Adur lads in the National Finals.

Meet your new National Fours Champions. Jack Fairhall, Paul Gandey, Richard Moses & David Hubbard.

Congratulations and well done’s all round. Another Sussex Success Story!

Watch out because there will be more on the way!

Presidents Charity 2016

SCIBA President Malcolm Goman is seen presenting a cheque from the SCIBA Membership for £1000.00 to Ms. Charlie Weeks from The Chestnut Tree Children's Hospice at the recent President’s Luncheon at Wealden BC.

The monies were collected throughout the indoor season at the various bowls matches Malcolm attended along with the customary “fines” generously donated during the President’s Tour!

A big thank you to all who helped contribute to this outstanding total.


Tuesday 12th April, 2016.........

Updates for you on the National Finals.....

Kevin Carrie & Stuart Holland were narrowly beaten 18 - 22 in the National Pairs Finals first round by a local Nottingham team.

David Hubbard with his team of Jack Fairhall, Paul Gandey & Richard Moses have made it to the fours final after a romping win against South Shields and play a team from Malvern Hills for the Men's Championship title. Kick off is 3.00pm today so we will be watching and hoping the Adur four can do it! Best of luck to them...

Tuesday 12th April, 2016.......

As you can see the winners photos are now up for you all to see. Congratulations again to each of them. Very well done to our young Under 25 winners Callum Phillimore in the Unbadged Singles and Jack Fairhall in the Under 25 Singles Championship and not to forget Ajay Morphett who was a member of the winning Egerton Park Triples Championship team. James Brennan from Worthing Pavilion although running in second on the day played well and is a great prospect for future national and potentially, international notoriety! They all personify the excellent playing standard of the Sussex Under 25's and I'm sure all of Sundays' winners names will be right up there for a long time to come. Thank you to the Wealden Bowls Centre for treating us all to an excellent day, well planned and executed if I may say!

County Competition Winner BadgeA new blazer badge was launched at this year's finals. Called the SCIBA Gold Distinction badge it is to be awarded to the WINNERS only of County Competitions. The idea behind it is to restore individual value to the Sussex County Blazer Badge where the gain was through winning a County Competition. The new badge will run alongside the existing SCIBA Merit Badge which will remain the standard County badge awarded in all other circumstances.

It is with a mixture of sadness and anger that I have to report that at Wealden BC on Finals Day three of the new style Gold Distinction badges went missing from the Trophy Display sometime during the course of events. In addition a 2016 Winners Singles flash also disappeared. A thorough check of County stocks etc. has been made but it seems the items were STOLEN from the trophy display. It is a very poor day when incidents like this occur as nobody likes to think that bowlers were responsible for stealing from their peers but that is the case. If the thieves are reading this they can post the badges back to me no questions asked. However, if that option is not taken up rest assured we will find out who took the badges and disciplinary action will follow. The matter has also been reported to the police as a theft and when the thieves are found they will face prosecution. On a day when we honour our own President along with the winners of our Prestigious County Competitions I must say it put a real damper on the occasion and no words can adequately describe the repugnance your County Executive has towards whoever stole the items. We will find who did this as each badge is unique to a competition winner and through correlation the thief or thieves will be uncovered so I suggest they take the "no questions" return option sooner rather than later.

Monday 11th April, 2016

Well done all of those who won their County Final on President's Day at Wealden Bowls Centre yesterday. It was a great day of bowls. Thank you to the supporters and spectators who of added to the competitive air of the occasion and a monster thank you to Wealden Bowls Centre for such a successful staging of the finals. All those behind the scenes who contributed from the bar and the duty steward Sue to the Restaurant and the immense amount of running about that Graham and his crew had to do to ensure we all were fed and watered. All in all one of our better Finals Day events. I'm awaiting the photographs of the winners to come through to me and as soon as the I shall publish them on this website. I'm expecting that later today so re-visit if you can't spot them. I shall have a little more to say once we have the photo's and the all the winners details to hand so catch you later.....




President’s Day

Sunday 10th April 2016
Wealden I.B.C

Fours Winners Cup 2016

President Malcolm Goman presents the Charles Gulliver Memorial Cup to the Horsham team

Andy Bullen   Graham Ives   Andy Gladwell   Matt Ives

Fours Runners Up Cup 2016

Courage Challenge Cup Runners Up Falaise team

Dave Smith   Terry Barnes   Ken Ferguson   Trevor Roberts

Jessie Norris Trophy

President Malcolm Goman presents the Jessie Norris Trophy to

Jack Fairhall from Adur

U25 Runner Up 2016

President Malcolm Goman presents the U25 Runner Up 2016

James Brennan from Worthing Pavilion

Triples Winners Cup 2016

President Malcolm Goman presents the Triples Winners Cup 2016 to the Egerton Park Team

Ajay Morphett   Phil Wade   Rob Morphett

John Hendy Sheild

President Malcolm Goman presents the John Hendy Sheild to

Matt Ives & David Miller from Horsham

Singles Winner 2016

President Malcolm Goman presents the Vic Braybrook Cup 2016 to

Rob Morphett from Egerton Park

Unbadged Singles Winner Cup 2016

President Malcolm Goman presents the Rod Jameson Memorial Cup to

Callum Phillimore from Egerton Park


Wednesday 6th April, 2016

Better late than never! Here is the running order for the President's Day County Finals on Sunday 10th April, 2016. The Competition Secretary had to delay right down to the wire to ensure those in multiple finals and those needing early play times to accommodate travelling up to the National Finals were given play times reflecting their needs. Congratulations to all this seasons' finalists and the best of luck on Sunday. To those of you who would like to come along and support or simply spectate please do so.....there is plenty of space at Wealden and the restaurant will be cooking all day. No doubt the bar will be open most of the day as well so come along and enjoy the occasion and help make it a special one for the finalists. There is plenty of on site car parking and the Wealden facilities are excellent.

There will be two for the winners of the morning events and that will be around early lunchtime I suspect and then the main presentation at the end of the afternoon following the conclusion of those PM matches. All that remains is for everyone to enjoy the day, thank the Wealden club for their hospitality, President Malcolm Goman and the Wealden Bowls Committee for all their hard work in staging the finals and a final vote of thanks to all the competitors throughout the season who have contributed to making this another bumper year for county competitions culminating in Sundays' finals!

County Finals

Please follow the link below for full schedule of events


SCIBA Finals 2016





Malcolm Goman



President’s Day

Sunday 10th April 2016


Wealden I.B.C.

(Trial ends 9.30am)

Matches commence 9.45am

Championship Umpire: Tony Plater

Would competitors ensure their woods are ready for Umpire Inspection at the end of their rink

no later than 9.15am for the morning and 1.45pm for the afternoon sessions.


29th March 2016......

It was so unlucky for the Adur four of Dave Cornwell, Ken Holden, Phil Hilsden & John Godfrey in their National Over 60's finals over the Easter break. They played the first round against the Norwich side of County Arts Indoor B.C. and lost 21 - 20 on the extra end. It was little or no consolation to see County Arts go on and win the title having pushed them so close to defeat and I'm thinking that the Norwich players will be looking back over the final stages and rejoicing in their good fortune. In any event the Adur four would have been the first to congratulate County Arts on winning the title and I can say with almost metronome certainty John Godfrey and his team will be back to test their bowling skills against the opposition next year!

Sunday 27th March 2016....Easter Day

The County Executive along with all those who work for SCIBA wish the County Membership a Peaceful & Happy Easter 2016 and as the current indoor season draws to a close we hope all of you have a successful and enjoyable outdoor season and we look forward to welcoming you back to the indoor fold in September. We hope of course that the sun shines on you but just make sure you keep your wets handy for the odd torrential blessing! We turn our attention to Finals Day at Wealden BC on Sunday 10th April, 2016 and congratulate all those players who have made it through to the County Competition Finals. They will be played over the course of the day and a programme of events will be published by the County Competition Secretary and put up on this website. Those of you reading this who would like to come along and spectate/support then please do so.....everyone welcome and I can pretty much guarantee there will be some excellent bowls play on display in the various finals. It is anticipated there will be two presentation for the winners of the morning matches around lunchtime and another in the afternoon on conclusion of the days' competitions. If you have any queries about the day then please ring myself or Viv Evans the Hon. Competition Secretary and we'll do our best to answer them.

Surrey Cup Trophy 2016Pleased to be able to confirm that Sussex won the Surrey Cup for the first time. The Surrey Cup is is put up each year by Surrey for the counties to play each other under a more competitive atmosphere. The inter county representative matches we play 12 of each season have a number earmarked as Surrey Cup matches and the counties vie for superiority over the course of the season.

So 2015/16 has seen Sussex rise to the top of the pile and the rather dodgy photograph, for which President Malcolm Goman apologises shows the cup being presented by Surrey President Michael Gray at the conclusion of our final Annual Patrons game of the season against Surrey earlier this month. Your Secretary has discovered that Don Nice (Worthing) took the photo at the post match dinner….can’t attribute his “shakes” to anything in particular….maybe a touch of nervousness in such distinguished company!!

Surrey Cup Trophy 2016Sussex met Dorset in their annual Inter County Badge match on the 23rd March, 2016 which was played at Arun IBC and the cameras were out once again to record the occasion…the final representative match of President Malcolm Goman’s presidential season.

As is usual with our Dorset meet the occasion is one hugely enjoyed by all and I think you’ll agree the smiling faces certainly pay testament to that! Good to see all four “Presidents” featuring in the front row third from left and going leftwards…..
Gordon Leaman (President 2014/15) Barry Baillie (DVP 2015/16) Malcolm Goman (President 2015/16) and Martyn Naylor (VP 2015/16).

Well done to Sussex winning this final representative game and to Malcolm thank you for being such a popular President this year….We all hope you have enjoyed the ride! Best of luck to Martyn who takes the reins next season.

Friday 18th March, 2016....

At the risk of being shot down for wishing the wrong individual good luck may I draw your attention to a couple of National Competitions where Sussex are represented. On the 26th March, 2016 the Adur Over 60 Four of Dave Cornwell, Ken Holden, Phil Hilsden & John Godfrey open their account at Nottingham IBC against County Arts. Also heading for a crack at National glory are the Adur Fours in the Over 60 Inter-Club Double Rink and they will set off in their Semi-Final at 6.00pm at Nottingham IBC on the 31st March, 2016. In the Over 60 Singles Preston player T. Palmer will be looking to ensure he is no April fool in the Over 60's Singles at Nottingham IBC commencing at 4.00pm on the 1st April. I'm sure you will want to join with me in wishing all Sussex players the very best of luck in their quest for National success!

Monday 14th March, 2016....

Congratulations to Robin Forrester, Bill Murphy, Brian Graham & Bryan Bodicoat from Worthing Pavilion BC for winning the Jim Davis Cup at the weekend. The one day event was staged and sponsored by Horsham District IBC and our gratitude and appreciation to the club and the bowls committee for sustaining this competition for another year. Indeed this may be the last ime we see this event competed for due to the increasing difficulties clubs are having raising a team to represent them! The changing face of bowls continues to have far reaching effects on the traditional and historical formats of the past. Some will say it's a good thing to modernise and move forward but I can't help feeling that when we lose this type of event we may never see it's return. If you wish to see a photograph of the winning team having the trophy presented by DVP Barry Baillie click on "All day Competitions" on the left hand side of this page. Once again well done to Worthing Pavilion and to all the players who helped make the event possible this year.

Commiserations are due to Jack Till (Egerton Park) who lost out in the round robin stages of the Under 18 National Singles at Spalding yesterday. Sorry to see Jack but you will have gained a little more experience and next time you'll be that much more knowledgeable having been a part of it once already! Nevertheless, we're proud of your efforts and you should feel very proud of yourself to have reached the National Finals in the first place! Keep improving and we shall be seeing you at National Finals more often.

Monday 7th March, 2016...

Now it's official I should just like to congratulate John Coghlan from Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club who has been awarded this year's coveted Sussex Martlet Special Recognition Award for outstanding service to his club, his county and to bowls. Without John's fantastic efforts to secure Horsham District IBC over the past four years it could well have been reduced to an unviable facility and lost to the members and to the County. John Coghlan is embedded into the very fabric of the Horsham club and over the past 20 years of his affiliated membership he has just about taken on every task where there has been a need. I'm personally delighted he is receiving this accolade. It is thoroughly deserved and in my book he is the Member of the Year in Sussex. He has gone the extra mile for his club and for indoor bowls in this county and we should all salute his efforts and commend him on an exceptional achievement. John will be presented with his Certificate, Citation, Pennant and Blazer Badge on Finals Day at Wealden on 10th April, 2016. President Malcolm Goman will make the presentation along with the County Finals winners in the afternoon.

Saturday 5th March, 2016...

It's a big well done to the Worthing Pavilion triple of Ray Leggett, Alex Paine & Mark Strong who have won through to the National Finals at Melton Mowbray on 13/14th March, 2016. Congratulations all of you and the good season continues for Ray Leggett who is popping up everywhere at present!

Winning U25 Inter-County League Presentation

The Sussex County Indoor B.A. Under 25’s played a friendly presentation match at Egham IBC today (27.02.16) before being presented with their trophy as Winners of the Under 25 Inter-County League event. In only their second year of competition they had a resounding victory over their counterparts from Kent, Essex, Hampshire, Surrey. Played home and away over the course of the present 2015/16 season the league squad produced some outstanding individual wins often coming from behind to overtake their opponents in the final few ends. Their League Manager Ray Leggett said he was tremendously proud of what they had achieved and hinted at more to come in the future! The young bowlers of Sussex can also be proud of their accomplishments and as Ray told me …they did it as a team…played as a team and that is what won it for them. They all have particular skills in various areas of the game and each concentrated on bringing those skills to the fore….. but as part of an overall team effort. Together they were stronger and these youngsters have proved it... not simply to themselves but to all of us who have followed their progress over the past couple of years. They are without exception a credit to their County, a credit to their sport and not least a credit to themselves. We fully expect to see them go onto bigger things in the future but the manner by which they have won this difficult inter county league and won it I must say, with some style, will be something those coming along behind them can tap into and add to their own standard of play within the Sussex County Indoor Under 25 team framework. The photograph shows Team Captain Nick Lawson (centre) and some of the winning squad parading the trophy with Sussex Junior Vice President Barry Baillie (centre).. as Ray Leggett U25 Manager (left of frame) and Barry Torode (right of frame) the Assistant U25 Manager add their support to the line up!

Presidents Tour

Presidents Allan Hilton & Malcolm Goman have just returned from their joint tour to Norfolk where they have enjoyed a week of sunshine and indoor bowls. Amongst the usual stories of bowls prowess and jolly japes it was also noted that a “fines” system put into place at the start of the tour and naturally concentrating on bowling errors, dress mistakes and just about anything else the two President’s could find to apply the levy... raised the princely sum of £210.00 for the President’s charity…. the St. James & St. Peter’s (Chestnut Tree House) Children's Hospice appeal.…… so very well done all of you for such a great effort and for accepting your guilt for the very mischievous and obscure transgressions Allan & Malcolm conjured up…..know that your penalties will be going to a very worthwhile charity. Special mention was made of the excellent facilities the organisers of the trip managed from the hotel accommodation, food and service to the personal and attentive care the coach driver provided to each and every member of the tour party. It simply remains to thank both Alan Hilton and Malcolm Goman for putting on such an enjoyable tour.

Saturday 20th February, 2016

Maintaining a watchful eye on those reaching the National Finals and handing out the good luck I note that young athlete, Jack Till of Egerton Park IBC has progressed to the Under 18 National Singles Finals and will play at Spalding on the 13th March, 2016. Our youngsters are coming to the fore at present and I hope Jack will emulate his clubmate Ajay Morphett and go all the way! In the National Pairs Kevin Carrie and A. N. Other (usually his Dad but not yet listed) have also reached the National Finals again! If consistency is the name of the game Kevin Carrie has it in spades!! Let's get behind all of our Sussex National finalists and help get them into winning ways. They do fantastic work ensuring Sussex is well represented and I know the ordinary membership is right behind them. I shall be announcing the other Sussex National Finalists as I receive them. Every one of them has our good wishes for the finals and we shall be watching how they progress with bated breath! Meanwhile good luck to everyone involved...we are proud of you all!

Tuesday, 16th February, 2016

I gave just heard some very unhappy news about the sudden death of Stuart Gobeil from the Adur Indoor BC. He apparently suffered a massive heart attack and died on the spot. A truly lovely guy he will be greatly missed around the clubs. An excellent bowler he represented Sussex many times and did so with distinction. February 16th is not turning out to be a very happy day this year I'm afraid!

For those who would like to pay their last respects....Stuart's funeral will be held at Worthing Crematorium on Friday, 4th March, 2016 at 2.40pm. and afterwards at Adur IBC.

Tuesday, 16th February, 2016

Jonathan Dalton writes ......Grattons Indoor Bowls Club member Andrew Harding wins the Area final and now travels to Melton Mowbray April 16th and 17th to compete against 31 other top bowlers to become the Indoor National Champion. This is fantastic news for Crawley and obviously our Club.

Great news from Jonathan Dalton at The Grattons Indoor Bowls Club where he tells me Andrew Harding has won the Area Finals in the singles and competes in the National Finals at Melton Mowbray on the 16/17th April, 2016. Our congratulations to Andrew and all the best in the competition. If he wins through he will be only the second National Singles winner after David Hubbard in Sussex to hold that title. Big feather in his cap. Huge recognition for The Grattons IBC and for Andrew personally. Of course Sussex will look to bathe in the afterglow of his success! So come on Andrew. We know you are capable of winning it .... so go hard at it and bring home the Trophy for yourself and all of us not in your league who are praying behind you!!

Tuesday, 16th February, 2016

Sad day... I attended with others at Chichester Crematorium for the funeral of Jerry Dean from Arun Indoor Bowls Club. It was a sad occasion but some stories made us smile about the antics he used to get up to. A man with a great zest for life. Most of us remember his year as County Indoor President in 2001 and the fun we used to have with him on the various greens we visited. Jerry will be sadly missed but will always manage to make most of us smile when we remember him in the future. Our condolences and thoughts are with Joyce and Jerry's family.

Monday, 8th February, 2016
While I'm up here doing a bit of well earned back-slapping I'll take the opportunity to wish the best of luck to the Adur IBC Mixed Pairs of Lorraine Kuhler & David Hubbard and the Mixed Fours team of Jack Fairhall, Linda Gray, Lorraine Kuhler & David Hubbard playing the National Finals at the end of this month. Break a leg guys!

Commiserations to Keith Renwick of Worthing Pavilion who made the Semi-Finals of the Champion of Champions and narrowly lost to Greg Harlow who went on to win the competition. Bad luck Keith but knowing your determination you'll be back!

Monday 8th February, 2016

Well it's official everyone. The Under 25's have won the Home Counties Inter County U25 League. I've been given permission to run off at the mouth about it as much as I like because this time we are right!! The lads took 19 points out of the 22 available in their last match against Kent yesterday and cannot be touched. Apologies if I appear to be saying the same things again....but hey what a great result for the lads themselves and for Sussex. We have some really fantastic young players coming up behind us and they deserve all the support we can give them. This is a huge result for them in only their second full season in the league and vindicates my own decision to get them back into the league when under their previous Manager, Duncan Lambert. However, the real credit must go to Managers Ray Leggett and Barry Torode for overseeing this young team and getting them into shape to take on the might of the likes of Kent, Surrey & Essex none of whom can in any way be described as slouches! It truly is a fabulous result for these young athletes and for Sussex. Soon as I have the full result of the Kent game I'll get it posted on the website. Meanwhile time to bask a little in the glow surrounding the Sussex County IBA Under 25 Inter-County League Winners 2016....aargh..that feels good!

Funeral details - Jerry Dean




Although it may have been expected by many it is, nevertheless, my sad duty to report the death of Jerry Dean a much loved member of ARUN DISTRICT INDOOR BOWLS CLUB. Jerry had been in recent poor health and absent from the bowls green for some years.

Jerry was a Life Member of Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association and President of the Association in season 2001-2002. He will always be remembered for his wonderful sense of humour both on and off the green. He contributed hugely to the Arun Club and it is true to say that he didn’t appear to have an enemy in the world. For those of us who had the great pleasure of playing bowls with him mention of his name will evoke many fond memories of the camaraderie and friendship he engendered among everyone on the green whenever he was present. A genial, gentle, giant who was a great ambassador for his club and our sport and who will without doubt, be immensely missed.

He was a friend to many, gave a huge part of his life over to bowls which was his passion and will be fondly remembered by everyone who knew him. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers are with Joyce and his family at this difficult time. Funeral details are not yet to hand but when they are I’ll publish them on the SCIBA website. (

Tony Phillips
Hon. Secretary
Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association
Saturday, 30th January, 2016


EBYDS Junior County Finals 2016

On Saturday 9th January, Horsham IBC was once again the venue for the EBYDS County Junior Finals.

Congratulations to all Junior County Finals Winners

Top Boy – Singles James Savage (Horsham IBC)

Top Boy – Skills James Savage (Horsham IBC)

Top Girl – Singles Holly Maslen (Grattons IBC)

Top Girl – Skills Maesi Ramsay (Egerton Park IBC)

Overall Champion Maesi Ramsay (Egerton Park IBC)

The presentations saw Malcolm Goman (SCIBA President) and Gill Henty (SCWIBA President) present the Attendance Certificates to all the participants and Terry Mitchell (SCB President) give out the winners awards.

Full report & photographs from Peter Blanks EBYDS County Coordinator.

Tuesday 19th January, 2016

OK Everyone....stand down, stop the clocks...ever so humble your servant, yours truly got so so over excited and misread the league position. The U25's Inter County League winners remains in the melting pot for the time being! I do apologise to all of you for misleading you up the garden path but I am sure it is only a matter of time before I am able to announce Sussex as the winners. Watch this spot and don't be too harsh on me please! I am busting to report Sussex are the winners but it will have to wait a little longer! Sorry lads and those also waiting on a positive result.....I'll try and control myself a little longer!!!! Not easy all this you know!

Sunday 17th January, 2016

Good luck to the Under 25's Inter County League who take on Essex today. The result could be critical in deciding the winners of the league and we are on tenterhooks awaiting the result later today. Good luck the lads and Come On Sussex!

Just seen the Under 25 Inter County League table which had been missing up to now and Sussex are leading by 45 points from their nearest rivals Kent! How fantastic is that?! The Essex result today is made all the more important. Sussex need to get good points from the match because Kent have a game in hand and could overhaul us but hey Sussex on top of the about them potato's don't hear that everyday!

Congratulations to Adur IBC who this season are celebrating their 25th Anniversary as a club. Anyone who knows The Adur knows what a great club it has become over those years. Responsible for turning out top bowlers and providing their all of their membership with outstanding indoor bowls facilities. Sussex County IBA play a dedication match against the club today to add their congratulations to the pot and I've got to tell you we're bringing a strong team......we know the Adur guys would have it no other way though. I'm sure it will be a excellent game played to a highly competitive standard. Well done to the Adur on their 25th Anniversary and here's to the next 25 years....

Monday, 11th January, 2016

It's an awesome well done to the Under 25 lads of Sussex who yesterday beat Surrey in the Inter County League 126-55...whoa! That's not a beating it's a thrashing! All 22 points to Sussex and if Kent would only get the league table sorted out I think we might find Sussex on top of the pile! Fantastic win Sussex.....are we on a roll or what?? Two to go...Essex next Sunday and Kent on the 7th February. Neither will be easy games but they are both winnable and with this team, dare I say it's almost a slam dunk!

Saturday, 9th January, 2016

Despite a strong showing by Scott Edwards and Robert Taylor against the brothers Edward & Robert Elmore they ultimately lost on a tie break in their match on the Potters' Bowlers Bar green yesterday morning. Nevertheless, to take the Elmores to a tie break was no mean feat and without Robert Elmore forcing a three shot take on the last end of  the set the Sussex lads would have been the players facing Louis Rideout and Sam Tolchard in todays draw! Cracking effort Scott & close, we applaud you both.

The BBC will be televising the closing matches at Potters from the 18th January, 2016 but if you have access to YouTube on the internet you can find all the matches on the portable rink are being video'd and commentated upon and you can watch to your heart's content! Enjoy the fun......

Thursday 7th January, 2016

Although strictly not a Sussex county issue I hope that members and visitors to our website will join with me in wishing Steve Ireland & Rob Taylor of Preston IBC the very best of luck in their quest to reach the finals of the World Bowls Pairs being held as usual at the Potters Seaside Resort in Norfolk. Play gets underway tomorrow morning for the Sussex duo and I really do hope they do well against some of the best players not simply in England but Internationally. The competition is a televised event on EuroSport although as I write I don't have a live viewing schedule. If I find one I shall report back to you straightaway. Do your best lads... but most of all....enjoy the moment!

Firstly.. 2016 is upon us.....A Happy New Year to all our bowlers and visitors. May it bring you everything you wish for.

The Under 25 Match Sheet for the game against Surrey at The Grattons IBC has been published on the Under 25 Inter - County League page. We have not been provided with the latest league position table by Kent but surmise that Sussex must be doing well and near the top if not actually the leaders! I hope Kent will publish the up to date league table very soon.We wish Sussex the best of luck on the 10th January 2016. Kick off is 10.00am at The Grattons IBC and spectators and supporters are very welcome to come along and cheer our lads on.

It's a big well done to the Horsham rink of Peter Wren, Ray Knight, Barrie Baillie & Peter Hamilton who walked away with the Llew Knight Annual Patrons Challenge Cup last Sunday. They managed to overcome teams from right across the county to take the silverware back to their club so many congratulations to them all.  A special thank you to Viv Evans the County Competition Secretary who worked extremely hard to ensure the competition was once again viable this season and for organizing and running the day for the players. The photo shows the winning team receiving the Llew Knight Challenge Cup. Thanks also to Egerton Park IBC who hosted and sponsored the day at their own club. It is greatly appreciated by County and I know for a fact the players really enjoy this particular one day competition. To those clubs that ran in behind the Horsham lads.....I'm sure you had an enjoyable day of competitive bowls.....without you competing there wouldn't be any one day events let alone this one so thank you and your clubs for supporting the competition.

Winners of the 2015/16 Llew Knight Annual Patrons Challenge Cup


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